Fork Dream Symbol


Fork – Forks are relatively unimportant to dreams unless they are presented in such a way as to make them important. For example if you dream about a fork or several forks in a drawer or on a table, it indicates nothing. However, if you dream about having forks thrown at you it could be very important.

In the case of having forks thrown at you, for example, it could mean that you are figuratively being made a meal out of by those around you. If you stab someone with a fork in your dream it might mean that you are unduly attacking that person or generically everyone in your life. You should back down and be nicer to people or bad karma is to follow.

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  1. i had a dream that a girl stabbed me in the head with a fork because she thought i was going to hurt her brother (the girl had something wrong with her to where she didnt alway understand things the way they were told)

  2. I had a dream that i accidently stabbed my sister with a fork (as i raised it up with no meaning to do that. i don’t remember what happend before that but at that moment I was angry or upset) and i’m not sure but i think she collapsed on the table as she was sitting. i quickly left, on my way out my mom asked me where i’m going i said that i’ll be back soon. While i was passing arround the house i somehow heard my dad asking my mom something about my sister and my mom said “maybe she is very tired” – but my moms intonation sounded weird. At that moment i felt scared , horrified and i woke up. I felt terrified 🙁 still feeling now that feeling 🙁
    Anyway: my storry – we are adults and I’m living abroad and i just spoke with my sister that she is comming from my country and she’ll stay in my place while she will stand up on her feet. What I’m feeling – i’m worried that I’ll be not able to help her to find the job and that she don’t want my help as i feel that we are very different people and i’m worried what she will think about my life. These all things – i never said to anyone it’s actually worries from deep inside.
    But the dreem was horrible. Makes me feel bad :O

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