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Forgetting – Dreaming about forgetting symbolizes detachment and peace in life. While we may worry about senility in waking life, it is not something to worry about in dreams, even though worry is often associated with dreams of forgetting.

If you dreamt about forgetting something important in a dream, it is a wonderful sign that you are balancing out your life by becoming detached. You may feel worry about forgetting something in your dream either during the dream or afterwards. This is the typical human response of wanting to retain attachments to this life and its memories. This feeling should be ignored.

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  1. Chaitanya sharma on

    I saw a dream that me and my gf goes for exams.i forget her and sit in a bus then after I saw her stand near bus stop.i exiting from bus towards to her bt she is not there.then I finding her every where then I woke up .this is my dream help what it means

  2. Hey,

    I keep having a reoccurring event in my dreams. (Super similar to krina’s above!) It’s always a different setting but in each dream I’m still with my ex. I am unhappy and hate him and in every dream I end up scared of being alone.

    I know in every dream I’m forgetting someone but I’m not sure who. Finally after a lot of thinking and feeling genuinely upset and confused I remember there is/was a Michael (my current partner of 3 years!) but he’s never actually in the dream. Why can’t I remember him? Why do I keep dreaming about being with my rubbish ex and not my current great partner?

    This is driving from me crazy, please help me interpret this dream!

    Thank you

  3. So i keep having dreams where my boyfriemd forgets me… he keeps getting hurt azwell and when I try to help him he doesnt let me help him. It makes me so upset. Im also afraid of being alone… any help as to what it could mean?

  4. Heidi Greasby on

    But what does it mean if I had dream where my boyfriend forgot who I was? He was in my dream But he had no clue who I was.
    What does that mean?

  5. Vyankatesh Hejib on

    I am getting this recurring dream that my written exams are like a few days away and I have forgotten to submit papers for practical examination which was already over some times ago. And I am stressed about failing the exam. I have finished school a few years back still I don’t know why I am getting this dream all the time.

  6. Hey Stehen,
    I just had a dream as if I had forgotten my bag and wallet at the cafe. Suposedly, I sat at the cafe to get to eat sth, I had not eaten all day. But the cafe had not had anything to eat, so I left my bag on the chair, went to the nearest store to grab sth. And I had bought some bread, it was very small but it had cost more than it should have, I got surprised, I wanted to buy some tomatoes and peppers, and then I decided to rather go home and eat there. So, I got home, but forgot my bag and wallet at the cafe. My brother had already bought them, he was sleeping on the floor and had put the pepoers right next to his head. I then realised I had forgotten my bag and wallet. I went back there, and on the way I met three of my neighbours, but they did not want to speak with me. I have not seen them, recently, in fact. Ifelt so stupid in my dream. I woke up very anxious, left with the feeling of being irresponsible, as If had done sth wrong and it was my fault.

  7. My partner recently broken up with me and since then i also have similar recurring dreams to Hayley and Christie that I have forgotten something very important. I sleep walk and go looking for something then I always wake up when I sleep walk and realise I am just dreaming, but I never remember what it is I think I have forgotten.

    • I’ve had dreams like this for years. Often I will wake up just as I remember what it was but then can’t recall and I will sit in bed trying to remember the important thing for ages. I often find myself out of bed doing something half awake half asleep, because I think the world will end because of the thing I forgot. Drives me crazy!

  8. I have a recurring dream that I am forgetting to do something very important. Sometimes I figure out what it is when I’m dreaming but I can never remember when I wake up. When I wake up I get the feeling that I am forgetting something extremely important in real life. I remember it first happening just after I met my fiance two years ago.

    • I have the same reoccurring dream! I’ve had it for nearly a year now and it drives me crazy because I just can’t remember what I am forgetting. It feels important like I forgot to pay someone and something bad is going to happen because I haven’t paid but I don’t think I owe anyone anything.

  9. Hey Stephen,

    I dreamt last night that I was in a beautiful, magical village covered in snow and I can’t remember most of what was going on, other than to know that I had forgotten my currrent boyfriend. I was going through something traumatic I think, and I was counting through my ex’s and in my head I was trying to recall who my current boyfriend is and I just couldn’t remember!! Is this bad given in reality we have been together for 3 years, we live together and he was lying next to me?! Oh dear!

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