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Forest Dream Symbol – The forest is a deeply primal symbol of life and abundance. It is also deep, dark, and mysterious. Depending on the flavor of your dream, the forest could be a great menace which is hiding a great secret or it can be a symbol of protection against great enemies.

The forest can also represent a bounty of wealth and fortune in the form of food and peace. Forests are the place that great men go to be alone for spiritual respite. To dream about a peaceful forest that is peaceful and full of solitude is a great omen of spiritual balance and peace.

Dreaming of walking through a forest can mean you are trying to hold on to something you no longer have access to. Do you feel insecure? This reminds you need to work towards your goals in life. Do not waste too much time on what you have already lost. But, learn the lessons.

Walking through a forest for a long time indicates your worry about a problem. Are you trying to find a quick solution? This is a message you need to better plan your life. Feeling tired and unwell as you wander in the forest you will be forced into a decision very soon. A writer having this dream predicts you have success with your writing. Many people will admire your work. Noticing the height of the trees means your hard work will be rewarded with success.

Dreaming of a raging forest fire brings news of the great things about to enter your life. Being chased in a forest, and you try to hide, is a sign of communication problems with someone. A forest in a foreign land, you do not recognize, brings news you are closer to success than you thought. You still need patience to reach your dreams.

Sun shining through the trees means you will soon solve a problem that has long been around. Seeing flowers in a forest is a sign that a broken relationship is giving your grief. This could be now or sometime soon. Dreams of being taller than the trees in a forest can mean you are likely to be publicly embarrassed. A forest can be a good place to hide from your shame. Being in a windy forest means you rely on yourself. You are an independent person.

Being followed in a forest can mean that something that occurred in the past is happening again in your current life. Remember how you dealt with the situation previously to find the answers you need today. It is a time to follow your intuition.

Forests also symbolize peace and tranquility. A great place for meditation. This type of dream reflects your stress and reminds you take time out. Seeing a lot of greenery in a forest can mean you are holding something back from the one you love. Are you keeping secrets? Is this good for your relationship in the long term?

Seeing animals in the forest is a message you should hear. This is telling you that there are many paths for you to choose from to seek success. Avoid making poor decisions. Getting lost in a forest indicates you are going to lose something precious to you. It can also reflect your inability to express yourself clearly, and this could lead to making the wrong decisions for your life. Being scared and alone in a forest warns that a promise made will be broken. Looking for the right direction indicates you have self-doubt. This will make you feel betrayed. You need to have faith in yourself.

Dreaming of wandering in a forest at night warns you need to put time into understanding the negativity in your life. You need to find solutions so you can progress your life forward. Roaming aimlessly through a beautiful forest symbolizes a long, happy, healthy life. If you are single this is a sign you will soon meet your soul mate. If you are married, this brings news of an inheritance of some sort coming into your life sometime soon.

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  1. I had a dream where I was walking next to a forest. It was day and the sun was shining but inside the forest it was completely dark. You could’t see a thing. It was dark and mysterious and I was contemplating whether I wanted to enter it. I can’t remember why i wanted to enter though.

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