Foreign Places and People Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Foreigner Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a foreigner can symbolize a part of your character that is foreign to you. This is a message you need to get to know yourself better. Take time out to explore your true feelings, wants, and needs. By exploring the hidden parts of yourself it can open a whole new world that can lead to happiness.

Meeting a foreigner overseas is a sign you are currently exploring your inner self more deeply. This is an affirmation there are parts of yourself that remain unexplored. You should continue to discover more about yourself. You may not even consciously understand this until you have the faith to move blindly forward. And, then understanding can come and this can lead to transformation. You may need to trust in the unknown.

Foreign Language Dream Symbol

Dreaming of people talking with a foreign accent can mean you may to look others for leadership. Hearing foreign accents may mean you will soon take a holiday with family or friends. It can indicate leaving home for a break during the winter or summer seasons. If you have a foreign accent this indicates you may become a person with great influence.

Foreign People Dream Symbol

Dreaming of foreign people and their language symbolizes messages coming from your subconscious. This may be something you do not understand and need to take time to reflect on to understand what this means to you. This type of dream can also mean you feel as if people deliberately misunderstand you. This could be because you need to find better ways to communicate or they have their own hidden agenda.

Foreign Place Dream Symbol

When you dream of being in foreign places it can mean there are changes soon coming into your life. If you feel afraid or lost in the dream, you may be resisting change. You may be comfortable with the way things are and be unwilling to makes changes to your current life. Feeling happy and excited in a foreign place means you embrace change. You may be someone who enjoys changing up their lives on a regular basis.

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