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Foreign Language – Dreaming in a foreign language is commonly believe to indicate that you are well on your way to becoming fluent in this language. If you dream that you are speaking a foreign language that you do not legitimately know, it means that you are at a juncture in your life where learning another language could be beneficial.

It might also indicate that you should brush up or learn more deeply a second language that you already speak. If you dream about being spoken to in a foreign language it might indicate that you will have difficulty understanding something in your life in the near future.

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  1. Sarah Gillmore on

    Hi i recently had a dream with a similar situation… I was faced with a man torturing another and threatening him in Russian in a backstreet.
    All very seedy and dark.. However i understood what he was saying and had a go at him for bullying this man and he stopped and let him go .
    What a massive sense of relief i had both in the dream and after waking up. That was just a small part of the dream.

  2. I am having dreams that are related to this topic that need explaining. I have a friend who doesn’t know English that well and speaks very little of it, but in my dreams they would appear to speak their language in my dream or they would speak English very well. (Most of the time they are speaking English well in my dreams)

  3. I often dream of fighting off evil spirits or possession. In most cases the dreams are in English, but then when I am spiritually wrestling with whatever beast is trying to control me, i find myself shouting in what usually sounds to me like one of either Hebrew, ancient Greek and Latin. The thing is, I don’t know any of these languages and have never been exposed to any of these languages to have absorbed enough of it subconsciously.

    Anyway, last night I had another of these dreams, but this time when fighting demon Possession, I started shouted in German before it subtly changed into what sounded like Latin.

    The dream had some German elements in it like a dead German manlady and a german shepherd. I learnt German for 6 months in year 8 back in 1985 and I have german family heritage on my mother’s side. So it was easy for me to recognise it was German I was speaking. But in 45 years of my life, this is the first time I have ever spoken in German in my dream. Then after shouting in Latin at the demonic powers that be, I woke myself up still shouting whatever I was saying outload.

    I don’t usually remember many dreams, especially in detail… so when I do, I know it really means something.

    Could anyone tell me what this means? Why am I speaking in Hebrew, ancient Greek, Latin and now German in my sleep?

    • dableelu
      i saw a dream same like these and i talked old hebrew language and till am remebring which is tha language i talked.
      and in that dream a person asking to me which is the language you are talking and i replied to him that am talking old hebrew language named in arabic (gibri) and i searched a lot of months about this language and ididnt found that the name language. finally i tried it in arabic and i found it classic hebrew language and i wondered.
      also am waiting to know that language more.
      can you help me to know why i see these dream

  4. Mariah Rokicsak on

    I had a dream that my family and “Lawyers” in the dream were speaking in a Chinese language that I do not know at all and then turning and speaking to me in English, the entire conversation was about me but I could not understand what they were saying in the foreign language..

  5. people tell me I talk fluent in a foreign language. My friend told me I was in a conversation in my sleep but did not know what language?

  6. people tell me I talk fluent in a foreign language. My friend told me I was in a conversation in my sleep but did not know what language?

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