Food Processor Dream Symbol


Food Processor – Dreaming about a food processor is indicative of one of several possibilities. Food processors make taking nourishment easier in the case of a severe illness or incapacitation. They also blend flavors and process food in pleasant ways. Dreaming about food processors might indicate that you or someone close to you are about to become incapacitated in some way.

It might also indicate that the food, whether it be spiritual or otherwise, might be too difficult to consume without having it processed. The food processor in this case indicates that you need someone else to act as a food processor to help to take the spiritual nourishment that you need.

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  1. Charles Bittner on

    A fiend of mine dreamt she was in a food processor and it was spinning her blood and body organs all over the place. She felt dizzy but was not experiencing any pain in the dream. What could this mean

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