Food Poisoning Dream Symbol


Food Poisoning – Dreaming about food poisoning is a sign that something in your life is wrong and might be hurting you. The food portion doesn’t necessarily mean that the food is really food. It might mean that you are going to school and some of the intellectual nourishment that you have recently enjoyed is actually false or is hurting your paradigm on life.

This might not necessarily be a bad thing, but it is important that you find out the truth for yourself so that your own health does not suffer any permanent damage. Often times those people who offer us food, whether it be spiritual food or literal food, expect something out of us. Be sure that there are no strings attached or bias attached to the food you are given, regardless of what type it is.

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  1. I had a dream that I was drinking apple juice. Then I looked to my right and I was blinded by like a flashlight. I dropped to the floor and I couldn’t breathe in the dream but I also couldn’t breathe in real life. But before I died I woke having a really bad headache. In th dream everything was dark. It felt so real like I was actually dying of a stroke or something.

  2. I’m dreaming that we eat then someone plan to poison us so they put poison in the food.the other people in my dream is not familiar on me the other is my relatives. Then I ask help to someone and ask him to call ambulance for us and the ambulance is arrived then all of us bring to the hospital.. that’s the end…what is the meaning of that…

  3. Hi there! I just woke up from this dream and realized that the little kid I was hanging out with (about 5 years old) is actually my neighbors kid from where we used to live. They moved from the place because he fell from the top of the staircase. He was taken to hospital and he was okay but they decided to move(bad energy in that house or something) anyways in that dream I was in a restaraunt? People were eating, it seemed like a high class kinda place, everyone was wearing suits and all and me and the kid were there just chilling and eating and having a lot of fun!! I just woke up and i was aactually smiling cause I thought I was actually living it and really having fun it felt so real. So anyways, back to the dream, me and the kid (I remember calling him omar in the dream, I can’t seem to remember if that is his real name or not) were just goofing off and laughing and eating and I say to him “I’m gonna get something I’ll brb?” Something along those lines, and I go stand in line to get something for us and while I am standing in line I see all these people kind of gathering at this one place, I go to look and omar is on the ground, on his back, I look around and there’s other people on the ground too, I look right next to omar and I think I see myself? But that person doesn’t look like me…. now that I’m writing it all down and thinking back to it… the lady wasn’t me… didn’t look like me? But in the dream I strongly felt that that was me. So im kneeling over omar and telling him it “it’s okay buddy nothing happened” I want to pick him up but I see this girl( who is me? But doesn’t look like me?) Her arm is like broken? And under her back and there’s alot of blood…. and I remember watching this Grey’s anatomy episode where they said if something like that happened don’t pick them up because you never know where or if anything is broken and you can make it worse. So I just was kneeling there with omar making sure he was only looking at me so that he doesn’t get freaked out by the blood and I’m telling him that everything is okay and I remember telling him ” omar it’s fine nothing happened buddy, remember the food we ate… we all ate… do you know what food poisoning is? That’s what happened…. I think the people who cooked our food didn’t cook it properly. It’s just poisoning okay? Nothing happened” and I remember laughing and smiling and so was he like “it’s okay nothing happened hahaha yyou’ll be fineee lol” ( if that makes sense to you) and omg I still remember clearly his laugh. Well that is all. I know it’s alot! If you can bring some insider reasons and stuff? Explanations? Why you think I dreamt of this little kid? Why now? I mean they moved out a loooooong time ago and we moved out from those townhouses too Iit’s been a very long time, he’s probably like 12 now? Around there. Also food poIsoning? I dunno. I hope you can bring some clarity? I guess?
    Thanks for reading the whole thing! Haha!
    Look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

  4. I just had a dream that an old lady poisened me. I was about to die, then I woke up. What does that mean?

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