Food and Drink Dream Symbols and Interpretations


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Food Dream Symbols – Dreaming of eating or drinking can indicate that you depend on others for the joy you get out of life. How you eat and drink in your dream can give you deeper understanding to the meaning of the dream. Eating in a hurry can mean you seek love and affection, particularly from someone close to you.

food-and-drink-dreamsFood is necessary for everyday survival – physically and mentally. So, it is important to understand the meaning of the food in your dream. A recurring dream about food indicates there is something you long or hunger for in your real life.

Feeling starving means you have loyal friends. You are right to trust them. If you are hungry in the dream, this can mean there is something lacking in your personal life. What in your personal life dissatisfies you? It may be a time to take time out to rest and rejuvenate. Dreaming of a feast indicates you friends support you no matter what.

Drink Dream Symbols – Drink is also a vital function to keep us healthy and revitalized every day. Dreaming of drinking a sweet drink or a glass of cold water indicates wisdom, good taste, guidance, and commitment to your path.

Drinking something yellow indicates you may get sick. This will not be anything serious but watch your health. Drinking a violet drink indicates recovering from an illness. Being forced to drink a bitter drink can mean you may soon get sick. This can be quite serious, so if you have any symptoms visit your doctor for a checkup. Drinking to cure an illness indicates you will soon get well if you are sick in your waking reality. If you are not sick, it indicates you may get sick and will need to drink something as the cure.

Drinking apple juice or a honey drink can bring bad news if you are poor and good news if you are wealthy. Drinking apple juice can also mean you benefit from someone who works for or with you. It can also indicate you have a lot of stress in your life. Taking pain relief represents kindness and tact. Colorful drinks bring joy, happiness, celebrations, and doing your best in life.

Handing a sweet drink to a deceased person can mean you seek guidance and wisdom in a current situation. Drinking alcohol may mean you drink to escape everyday life or you drink seeking pleasure. Consuming excessive alcohol symbolizes feelings of failure and insecurity. Is this you?

Frozen Food

Dreaming of frozen food represents what you repress deep inside you. You need to deal with these feelings before they turn to bitterness. You cannot grow and move forward until you do.

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