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Food Dream Symbol – Food is vital for sustaining life. A recurring dream about food can symbolize your hunger and thirst for life. And, the different types of foods can be symbolic of the different aspects of your character, desires, and decisions. You need to look at these individually to help give a clear understanding.

Dreaming of eating or drinking symbolizes a dependence on others for your enjoyment in life. Overeating and gorging is a sign of your constant need for affection. This may be an issue within a current relationship.

food-dreamsDreaming of plenty to eat indicates your friends support you and are always there when needed. Starving in a dream represents the loyalty of the few friends you can count on. Being hungry can mean though your household may be in an uproar, you need to relax when faced with challenges. You can only do the best you can do to get the best outcomes. Dreaming of eating breakfast indicates your future focus is on projects of importance to you. Eating a picnic or outdoors in some way, brings untold happiness into your life. A three course meal means you have come to terms with something that was originally a challenge for you.

Weighing food can mean you will be entertained socially. Dreaming of grocery shopping indicates your life will soon be comfortable. Eating bread signifies analyzing your needs, and eating cake is a sign you need to enjoy life more. An iced cake or one filled with cream brings messages that happiness is on the way. Dreaming of milk is a message to take a closer look at your diet. Are you eating healthily? Dreaming of eating jam can mean you will soon find yourself in a sticky situation. This should resolve itself quickly.

Meat in a dream is a message to persist chasing your dreams. Seeing pork or chicken can relate to financial problems. This may prompt you to ensure you have a financial plan in place for the future. Sausages can relate to your home life and eating them indicates bliss in the home. Eating oysters denotes the pleasures in life, including sexual gratification. Seeing sardines warns of an upsetting public event and clams warn of dishonesty crossing your path soon.

An onion signifies the different areas of your life or character that needs work to move forward. Vegetables represent the basics required in life for a healthy, long life.

Dream of Being a Cook

Dreaming of being a cook represents some part of you that is experienced and accomplished in your area of expertise. This is a reminder that you have the talent, skills, and creativity to achieve whatever you want. There is nothing to hold you back. You have everything to gain if you only try.

Additional Interpretations of Food Dreams

Food in a dream represents an endeavor you are considering undertaking or one you have already begun. This can be a job, relationship or significant event.

Food is nourishment to our bodies. We must ingest food by eating it. Junk food, on the other hand, while enjoyable may not offer any nutritional value and may simply be empty calories. In dream terms, junk food could be a project done just for fun, without any strings. More negatively, it may prove not worth your time.  When you eat, you take the food into your body.  It becomes part of you. Food can make you happy or can make you sick. Think about food poisoning. This is the same when you embark on a new endeavor. You choose what you consume. “Choice” is the operative word here. It is your choice to take something “onto your plate”, so to speak.

Food has a cycle, from farm to table. It must first be grown, harvested, or bought. It is then prepared by cleaning, cutting, peeling and cooking.  Then of course, the food is eaten. This may seem an arduous explanation. But remember, food presents a project, idea or choice of some sort. The quality of the food refers to the level or potential benefit of success.

The attention to detail in the preparation represents the amount of work and care necessary to make the endeavor successful. If you are dreaming about different foods, it means there are different possibilities or different choices about what you may do. How appetizing is the food? This tells of your level of motivation while working on the project. How does it taste? This is how much pleasure you will derive from the work.

Cooking for someone else or sharing food at your proverbial table with other people means that others are involved with your project. The level of enjoyment during the meal, relates to the harmony of your relationship with the other person or people. This can be a colleague, friend or a lover. To dream you are being forced to eat food would represent someone overriding your free will, taking liberties or micro-managing you.

To dream of a huge banquet of food is to have many choices before you. Being in a restaurant would represent the same with the choices being shown in the menu.  What food appeals to you? Is the variety of food tempting, confusing or are you disinterested? Are you hungry or starving?  If you walk away from food or refuse it, it means you are saying no to an endeavor, at least for the time being.  Overeating food means you are taking on too much. It can indicate a tendency toward greed or gluttony. Indigestion will usually follow. Be warned.  Too much of a good thing is till too much.

Is the food in your banquet fresh or is it old and rotting? The quality of food relates to the quality of your idea. In the nightmarish version of a dream, if the food is rotten, stinks or covered with maggots best not to eat it. If you are at a party and everything is joyous and the food is prepared to perfection, then by all means, eat!  Bon Appétit.

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  1. I’ve had this same dream 2 or 3 nights in a row…I dream about having a food packaging business where I sell fresh uncooked food in clear plastic packaging. The food is preserved somehow so it won’t spoil. I look at the meats, veggies, etc, some has been freeze dried, some is preserved some other way but all is pristine. I have a store/online sales business where I sell all this food to people. (unknown to me). the food is preserved for long term storage or SHTF scenarios. I feel excited and happy about this endeavor. then I wake up and want to get going on it….but I don’t have any of the necessary funding or tool/equipment to do it with.

  2. Strangest dream ever! I dreamed this guy friend of mine lived in an abandoned isolated yet public community space. Like an old community Hall or something. Anyways he never reaches out to anyone but one day he invites me you and the kids to stay over. We all have a great time and he gives the kids a ton of toys! Ok well this is all not like him. So that night he tries to go to far with me and I very nicely turn him down. He freaks out and kicks us all out and takes back all his toys. Some time later he’s forced to have a public event in his place. So feeling sorry for him we decide to go and help protect him and gradually help him come out and interact. He comes out for food and the room is exactly across from his bedroom. While sitting there with us he decides everything sweet he chose he no longer wants so I gave him mine. He never traded with me and I discovered I can’t get more food. Then I wake up.

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