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Cooking Dream Symbol

Dreaming of cooking can be a symbol of your creativity. It can also signify your wish for starting a family. It represents the nurturing part of your character. The person who cooks is a vital member of the family or community as they provide the sustenance that others need to survive every day. Cooking also represents your health and

When you are the cook it means, you want to look after people who may need your help. It is something that makes you feel happy. If you already have people you care for, then you may be looking for ways to take better care of them. Or, you are looking for new people to take under your wing. Be careful of overcommitting yourself.

Cooking for yourself indicates you are worried about your health. Cooking for others represents how you put others’ needs before your own. This is a sign you may need to take time out to look after yourself.

Cooking unsuccessfully can indicate you feel unappreciated. You feel that those you care for do not know you exist. That they just expect you to do the things you do to take care of them. Is this because they do not notice your efforts? Or, do you do too much? Leaving food half cooked can mean you feel there is something or someone missing from your life. You may feel like there is void you do not know how to fill.

Preparing an intimate meal for two indicates there is romance coming into your life. Having help cooking is a sign there is already someone in your life you trust. They will always be there to support you. This dream can be a prompt to remind you, for you may not see this in them.

Cooking unknown or decorative dishes indicates your creativity. It is a time you explore new sides of yourself. Cooking a nutritious meal means you take great care to look after your own health and wellbeing. It is a time where you need to take action.

Cooking in a restaurant indicates you are looking to do more for others. You know there are people you are not reaching with what you currently do. Consider volunteering for a community charity.

Dieting Dream Symbol

Dreaming of dieting and your weight can be a subconscious desire to lose those extra pounds. You may really be dreaming of shedding those extra burdens you carry around. This can be physically in your real world or you may also feel you have too much to do. You may want to scale back those extra burdens that worry you. Do you feel burdened? Have you over committed yourself? Do you need to learn to say no sometimes?

When you dream about dieting it can also indicate your sense of self-worth and confidence are low. You may need to take the time to understand yourself and your needs better. This can be physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Until you deal with these types of issues you cannot move on.

Eating Dream Symbol

food-dreamDreaming of eating can mean you are hungry for something. This can be for sustenance or for something to fulfil your needs. You may need better nutrition in your waking reality. You may even be on a diet and be craving food.

Refusing food indicates you are trying to solve a difficult situation. This will be tough but you can do it. It can also mean your subconscious is trying to alert you to a health problem. Being starving is a sign there are things you need to do to achieve your individual goals. You need to focus more to succeed at what you need to achieve.

Eating too much food can mean you feel insecure in your waking reality. And overeating, all in one sitting, is a warning you could be taking on too much all at the same time. Is this wise? You may be better spacing things out more over time. Or, you may need to start saying no or risk failing at your word. Consuming takeaway food is a sign of stress. You need to relax, stop stressing or you will never move forward in your life. Find better ways to deal with what worries you.

Restaurant Dream Symbols

Eating in a restaurant can represent being of service to others or of others offering to be of service to you. It can also mean there is something you need to think over. You may need food for thought to help you think an important matter through. This can be related to your relationships and your social life.

Restaurant types

Dreaming of a takeaway restaurant can indicate you need to slow down. You may be going too fast. Slow down to ensure you achieve success or you may miss important opportunities. It may also mean you need to go faster. Are you moving too slow? Do you procrastinate? This type of dream can also refer to being on a budget. You need to rein in your spending at this time.

A family diner can indicate the dynamics between your family members. A diner represents a warm, homely place that welcomes everyone. Especially travellers on the road. You can find them at convenient places along the side of roads. The comforting food served is delicious and economically priced. Dreaming of eating in a diner can indicate you need a break from your everyday life. Maybe it is time to take a complete break from your responsibilities. Do you need a holiday?

A fancy, upmarket restaurant can mean you are being overindulgent or extravagant to celebrate a special occasion. It is good to treat yourself and create special memories. Eating in a sit-down restaurant can mean you need to think things over or take time out to relax.

Restaurant staff

When you notice the waiter or waitress serving you it can be a warning you spend too much time serving others. It is time to stop neglecting yourself. It can also represent that you must take orders. You need patience in some part of your life.

Noticing the maître d’ in a restaurant can mean someone is trying to show you how to get what you need or want. Take notice of the maître d’ tells you as it is relevant to what you need to do in your waking life. If the busboy is highlighted, this can symbolize you may always be cleaning up after others or others do this for you.

Restaurant Menu

Dreaming of the restaurant menu can indicate your current choices in life. You need to make a decision between the choices. Just like ordering from a menu you need to make a decision about what will work best for you. Take notice of anything on the menu that catches your eye. Noticing lamb on the menu can mean you are being too weak. Eating steak may indicate to take action and stake your claim. Chicken can mean there is something that scares you. Are you scared of making the wrong choice?

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