Fog (Mist) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fog Dream Symbol – Dreaming of fog can represent the practicalities in your life. Your work ethic. The energy and passion you put into everything you want to succeed at in life. Fog can also warn to take a look closer at those around you for not everything may be as it seems. Is this something you can relate to?

Traveling through thick fog indicates work or business challenges. Coming through the fog means these will clear up and so will any future business problems. When driving through fog this can mean you are likely to fail at a project that is close to your heart. This may be because this project lost your attention.

fog-dreamsTrying to ring someone while in the fog indicates that while you are reaching out you are unsuccessful. Your ability to communicate at this time is seriously hampered. You may need to try harder, use persistence, to overcome the obstacles.

Dreaming of a weather forecast of fog warns something needs your urgent attention. It can also mean your or someone’s judgement has been seriously compromised. You may not have looked at the big picture to see the situation as a whole. There is someone around your that manipulates you for their own agenda. You need to take time out to assess and analyze the situation.

Fog at sea means you may be in for a rough ride on the home front. There may be family disputes, but they will eventually resolve themselves. Fog on land can mean you need to have patience with challenging business matters that may negatively impact your finances. If the fog suddenly lifts, this a is a good sign that can bring positive things into your life very soon. It can also mean that your worries suddenly disappear.

Alternative Meanings

Fog represents a lack of sight. This lack of sight might be physical, emotional, or spiritual. It is up to the dreamer that is you, to determine what the fog is obscuring. If you dream about fog it is very important not to ignore it.This fog is generally a warning from your own spirit that there are things that you cannot see that you should work hard to discover before it is too late.

Do not make any big decisions until you know without a shadow of a doubt what it is that you could not see. Seeing fog in your dreams is a sign that you should take a break from any major decisions in your life.

Mist Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being caught up in a mist can indicate your confusion about something in your reality. Do not allow others to push you into making decisions before you clarify your uncertainty.
Mist on a bright, sunny day means you need to take control of your future. Do not let others influence the way you think and feel if it is truly what you believe. Delay making decisions if there are any feelings of confusion.

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  1. I was standing in the middle of this crossroad. I tried to leave but I didn’t know where to go and nobody could see me since this fog was really thick. and all of the sudden 2 headlights got bright really fast and the car hit me. Woke up

  2. Nompelelo Sonjica on

    When you dream that you are next to the fog or mist and there is a child next to you what does that mean?

  3. Nompelelo Sonjica on

    My dream was that I was in the fog or mist and there was a child next to me.What does that mean

  4. Jayson Storr on

    Hi everyone. I’ve had two consecutive dreams about fog and I saw two figures in my dreams recently. The first was my mother and the second was a coworker whom I have some feelings for. With the both of these back to back dreams I could not hear a word they were saying at all. Can anyone tell me what that means or what you think it may mean or symbolize?

  5. I dreamed that i am walking through a very thick fog but when i fully entered at the fog, it was like theres no fog at all or just clearly see things out!

  6. In my dream fog was coming in very heavy, it would come through the windows, doors and air vents of the houses but I have had this dream before . it’s only a matter of days before the people, even the animals inhaled too much and begin to run like wild boar for each other’s flesh. I was never able to finish the dreams of this fog. Though it seemed like who ever I told didn’t think it was a big deal, down to my closest of family.

  7. Christine chapman on

    In my dream I was driving with my two grandchildren in the back. I was driving in thick fog but yet I was still able to drive on the road. A fierce driving for a while I pulled over and the fog dispersed

  8. My dream took me on a bicycle ride with some fog toward a house I wanted to see. The destination was heavily covered in fog and I became very nervous for my lack of visibility. I decided to turn around on by bicycle and head back the way I came and things became more clear, brighter and the fog started to lift. I felt better about my choice. Does this mean I will be faced with a decision but possibly make the right choice??? Not sure. It will be interesting to see.

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