Flying Dream Meaning and Interpretations


“I’m Flying!” Dreaming of Flying can be empowering.  Flying dreams are one of a rare breed of dreams that most often have good meanings.  Understanding the meaning of your dreams will depend on the context of the dream. Often, the dreamer is fully aware that he or she is dreaming.  This type of dream is referred to as a “lucid dream.”  In these dreams you are usually fully in charge and able to fly anywhere you choose.

Often during a flying dream you’ll feel as if you’ve always known how to fly; that flying is a completely natural activity that is as much a part of your life as breathing.  You are enjoying the scenery, feeling like you’re flowing smoothly through the air, unbothered by opposing winds or obstacles in your path.  The freedom to fly without fear, without weights that hold you to a mundane life on the ground, can be the most exhilarating feeling you’ve ever experienced.

Understanding the Meaning of Your Dream

Meaning of flying in a dreamA lucid dream of flying without complications leaves you feeling strong, empowered, and on top of the world when you wake.  When you wake you may be able to connect this dream with a situation in which you’re currently involved.  The dream suggests that you’re feeling good about the situation and are in charge of it.  You feel as if you’re invincible, that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.  These dreams suggest that you are currently at the top of your game and your future is looking bright.

Falling dreams are also very common among dreamers.

There are, however, flying dreams that include complications, and understanding those complications can help you to understand and resolve problems in your waking life.

Common Difficulties that Occur in Flying Dreams:

Being Held Back

Having trouble taking off means someone is holding you back, keeping you from moving forward to the next step in your life.  If the setting of your dream is your work, then perhaps you don’t feel motivated to take your career to the next level, at least not in the current setting.  Maybe it’s time for a change.  If the setting is home, it may be time for family discussions.  Maybe a family member’s own wishes are holding you back from where you’d really like to be.


If there are obstacles in your path as you fly and you can’t fly freely, consider that there might be obstacles in your waking life that are keeping you from moving ahead with your dreams.  Your mind may be alerting you to these obstacles in the hope that once identified, they can be resolved.

Fear of Success or Challenges

If you find you are afraid that you’re flying too high, it may be that something in you fears the changes brought on by success.


Spiritual Aspects of Flying

Dreams of flying have special meanings to those interested in their own spirituality.  For instance:  If you are flying upwards, it is believed you are growing spiritually and achieving a higher level.

Flying down toward the ground may mean that you are attempting to be more in tune with your unconscious mind.

If, in your dream, you are flying low and parallel to the ground, it is believed to mean that you are travelling effortlessly through your everyday life.

You may even find yourself flying backwards in a dream.  Spiritualists believe that this is a reflection of a desire to look back on your life and relive past joys and sorrows.  Then, with the understanding brought by clear hindsight, you wish to bring healing and resolution to anxieties and fears that have been plaguing you in your waking life.

Sexual Release

Sigmund Freud believed that flying dreams were a means of sexual release. Freud believed that most dreams are centered around sexual oppression that is suppressed by society morals. The dream of flying around is released your sexual tension and being free. Freud’s theories on dreams came about during the Victorian era. A period of time when everyone was sexually oppressed and help back. This is why most of his theories revolve around sex and sexual freedom.

Falling When Flying

A beautiful flying dream can morph into a nightmarish falling dream should we lose confidence in our ability to fly.  If you find yourself in this situation, your awareness of it means it is a lucid dream and you’ll be able to change it.  Throw out your arms and take charge of your flight once again.

If you find that you’re unable to discard the fear, then tell yourself to come awake.  You should be able to instantly come awake the moment you think that.  It may leave your heart racing, but at least you won’t have to experience hitting the ground.

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Lucid Dreaming – How to Have a Flying Dream

If you want to have a flying dream, it is possible to initiate one by lucid dreaming.  There are tricks that you must master before you can fly unencumbered.

First, you must change your dream from something that’s happening to you, to something you’re in charge of.  If you think back to some of your more memorable dreams, you may find that there were times in which you were aware that you were dreaming.

Before sleeping, firmly remind yourself that the moment you recognize that you’re dreaming, you will take charge.  This is your dream, it is up to you whether you’re in charge of the events as they unfold.

Once you’ve gained control of the dream, you must let go of the belief that you are grounded by human limitations.  Remind yourself that this is a dream and absolutely anything is possible.  Bring in a friend, if you like.  Sometimes, that friend will even remember the dream the next day.

Imagine yourself in an open area and start hopping.  Higher and higher you’ll hop until you realize you can stretch out your arms and fly.  Once aloft, do not worry about obstacles, you are in charge and if obstacles appear, they are nothing to you.  Fly around them.  Soar higher.  Fly into space if that pleases you.  There are no limits when you are in charge in a lucid dream.

In fact, if you’re hoping to have an out-of-body experience, a lucid flying dream is a great start.  Once flying, imagine yourself visiting the destination of your choice.  You may be able to relate accurate details about the location when you wake.

Nightmares can be changed to flying dreams, as well.  Either decide to fly away, or back off and hover over the situation to get a better perspective.  It may help you solve something that’s been causing you stress in your life.

Practice this night after night and soon your waking life will be working in your favor as you begin to realize just how much power you really have over your life.

Alternative Interpretations of Flying

Dreams of flying are usually messages from your subconscious. Flying in a dream may mean you have some tough times in your life. This could be financial, trouble at work, irritating relationships, even a lack of belief in yourself. These things may make you feel trapped, so dreaming of flying is an escape. Or, it is a message to wake up and deal with what troubles you. It is time to take control.

Flying as you fall asleep is a positive omen than affirms you have made the right decisions in your relationships and career at this time. There are many opportunities opening to you to release you from what held you back in the past. Dreaming of floating symbolizes complete relaxation. It is a message to just chill out and go with the flow. Let things run their natural course.

To fall out of the sky while flying signifies a need to be rid of the negativity that surrounds you. You may need to take time out. Take a short break away to rejuvenate. A ‘bird’s eye view’ while flying indicates you need perspective. You may need to take a closer look at your goals. Do they still fit your vision for the future? You may need to make changes. You may feel others or situations control you. Look closer at opportunities that cross your path. Something unusual will come your way that can change your life forever.

Flying in a vehicle or airplane means there is some bad news coming soon. If something flies away from you it means you will overcome some nasty gossip about you. Your integrity will stand you in good stead.

As with all dreams, you need to look at the whole dream to get a full understanding. Flying upwards indicates you are trying to escape from something or someone you feel currently limits you in some way. Flying downwards can mean your subconscious is sending you messages. It is trying to get your attention. Your intuition may be in overdrive but, instead of listening, you choose to ignore its messages. It can be a reminder to have more faith in yourself.

Flying in an aircraft as a passenger is a message that things may be out of control. You may be ignoring this and continuing on as if everything is normal. This is a message to push you into seeing the truth in your life. If you are an aircraft pilot, this message tells you that you have already taken control. You have the ability inside you to achieve anything you set your mind to. You may be procrastinating. Making excuses. Do you deliberately set yourself up to fail?

If you are a bird flying through the sky, it can mean you have taken on a difficult challenge. It can also mean you long to be independent and need to work out what keeps holding you back. Seeing yourself flying outside is a sign that others may not necessarily trust you. Have you proven to go against your word recently? How reliable are you?

Flying high indicates you can see things as a whole. This can give you much contentment and happiness. There is much success on your way. Flying close to the ground means there will soon be difficult situations that could involve your health. Flying over forests and greenery can mean there is some sort of embarrassment in your future. If you fly over muddy water, it is a time where you need to keep personal things to yourself. Your enemies are watching for any opportunity to use against you. Flying over clear water is a sign you have clarity. You may feel a sense of relief with the knowledge of a new understanding.

A man dreaming of white wings foretells business success and for a woman, this brings peace to their life. If you are the one with white wings, then there are changes coming that will make you happy. Dreaming of a man with black wings is a sign of disappointment.

Being threatened while flying is a message someone wants to talk to you about a challenging issue in real life. Are you avoiding this? It is time to face some truths. Freely flying wherever you wish to go means all your worries will just melt away. You will find the solutions that help you move forward without feelings of guilt.

Flying in a Bed/Chair or Inappropriate Vehicle

Seeing an unusual flying machine of any sort can symbolize making progress in important parts of your life. Alternatively, if the machine does not work then you may have to make new plans to account for hidden obstacles.

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  1. Hi:)

    I just had a dream someone was breaking in to our house all of a sudden I was invisible and flying. Chasing them away. I had to keep my self afloat at one point but managed. And got them running down the road. I was a bit scared of them at one point. please help

  2. i closed my eyes for some seconds and i saw an hagard looking woman with a heavy load coming into my church with another guy also looking hagard,but as they were about entering i saw something like a rope trying to seal the whole building and the exit, then I opened my eyes, and in the dream I was sitted where I sat in the church in real life. pls can it be called a dream since it lasted a few seconds and does this mean anything

  3. I remember i use to have flying dreams a lot when i was more younger, but one day i had a flying dream like before. I will always dream that im flying around my house, no other place. Or even other people looking at me, like my friends or some relatives, but i never figure out that its a dream, intull i wake up…does it mean anything?

  4. Just read this article and i do agree of it. In my case…as I remember most of my dreams in color…..and moreover i was aware that those are just a dream. I can control the story of it…and sometimes i could’t take control of the story. Related to flying….most of my flying events related to my concentration….it seems that i have to use my mind to control my flying and its direction…and i enjoy it……in other case….i also have several experience in dreaming of walking…..em…i think it is close to hooping on the water…it can be seiming pool…lake…or ocean. There is a happy feeling of doing it……jump…and cross the water by hooping one step to other step…just like a kungfu guy from movie….anyway…thanks for tge writings

  5. I had a flying dream a few years ago

    I was standing in my back yard when i suddenly became aware i was dreaming (first time this had ever happened)

    I thought long & hard about what i wanted to do since i could do anything & after awhile it hit me, FLY!

    unfortunately taking off proved difficult as my dream had gravity & i didnt know how to fly, i spent a long time just running & jumping around rooftops

    I then remembered a cartoon i used to watch called Dragonball Z where the characters would channel their ki (power) to be able to fly, so i tried powering up & once i had what felt like enough charge i took off like a rocket

    It was amazing until i was woken up by my alarm, ive since tried to have another flying dream or any dream where i was self aware but its been 5 years since & i havent had a single one 🙁

  6. I constantly had flying dreams for years… for the past 3 months, I’ve not a single episode. I was always able to control my flights and was able to go as high or as fast as I wanted and go anywhere. Every detail was quite vivid . I would actually rise initially by wiggling my forefingers then extend my arms like a bird or a plane then take off. It was something I always looked forward to when I went to bed. I don’t know why it stopped.

  7. I just had a flying dream last night. I wasn’t home I was somewhere else, like a small village of people who spoke spanish. I knew i wasn’t in mexico so then i realized i was dreaming. Instantly i started flying up and up enjoying the green mountains and the bright sun. I felt like nothing could stop me and loved it. I was happy. I flew up and down just exploring. I was lucid dreaming because I knew I could control the dream but for some reason I stayed there. I liked it, I had no responsibilities and I felt like I needed it.

  8. amit chhabra on

    i occasionally dream of flying by using my arms movement like as a tool or like as wings to fly. initially its difficult to fly each time but with one or two attempts i starts flying but not to high may be maximum of 100 feets but got tired very easily and came down. Enjoys flying near ground level. This is my most frequent dream. Can any body help me out and explain its meaning…..

    • Hi I have the same dream I fly all the time but my power runs out and I come down it eventually recharges and I can fly again and its normal in y dream did u ever figure out what it means I guess running out of fuel is rare

  9. in my dream i had a small speaker like thing around my neck like a locket ,whenever i want to fly i use to speak something in that loket and i started flying like a superman.once i got high above the ground level saw buildings roofs and this all is happening in the night time ,i tried to go away form my home flying but i had a fear in mind that if i go away from my home during flying ,i will not be able to find my way back to home becoze i was in the practice to find my way to home on the streets. so i decided to stay close to home and fly near to my place and i flew in the buildings near my house.during the flight i came to kno that i can fly through the walls and i entered into the appartments and i can see people having their dinner in their homes and they can see me entered in their house,but suddenly i realised i am loosing my power to fly but i didnt fall down , i successfully came down on the ground .when i again tried to fly i said something in the locket (as i use to do to fly)but this time i was not able to fly,i tried may times,but i lost the power, and then i dont remember this was my dream ..

  10. Andrew Cummins on

    I always have dreams I’m flying but not to high, about 100 feet above the ground, always over hills and mountains. I fly by using my words or my mind. It’s always in the same general city. I sometimes have people in then with me, The dreams are vivid and real. I’ve written them all down

  11. I have been having flying dreams consistently for a while now. Many times I am a vampire who is taking flight to either get away from those who are trying to destroy me or swooping down to snatch someone up and kill them (by drinking their blood). Lately I have noticed that sometimes I have to concentrate real hard to keep ascending. Last night there were a couple of my vampire offspring in my dream who were having a lot of trouble flying, but each grabbed a hold of me and when I concentrate hard we all ascended in flight together. At one point when I was alone I ascended really high. I had butterfly s in my stomach as I grabbed a cloud and got a little scared when I looked down I was so high in the air.

    P.S. I just finished writing a book about vampires.

  12. I had a flying dream recently where i could fly at supersonic speed. I always wanted to go faster and faster, and so i did. The only thing to accomplish this is to have absolute faith. When i felt that the dream had limits and i wanted to get higher, the dream automatically changed to one where i lift off and in a matter of seconds, i was looking at the Earth.


  13. I’ve been having flying dreams for a couple months now, and they all really confuse me. most of these dreams I fly because I’m trying to get away from something. I can always fly fine. What does this mean? the dreams are always messed up like seeing people being shot, eaten by dinosaurs/ animals and just being killed or I’m being chased by something/someone. so confused on what they are meant to mean.

  14. So I had a dream of me visiting my dad in the future ( I am In High School) and he opened the door I floated up and I said hi then my dad got scared a was like aaah! and then his face turned into my older brother and I fell down then I woke up all scared. I think it was my brother that was the obstacle because I can’t do anything with my life because he snuck out and came back wasted and blacked out etc so now i spend my weekends locked in my room and my dad is being annoying because he has high blood pressure and he can’t have salt but he does so he always gets angry now. thought I would just say this. It was my second nightmare in my whole entire life lol my first one was when i was six and i watched thriller and the zombies were out to get me and smashed through my room wall. XD

  15. Sometimes I can fly just fine. But other times when useally people are watching me I barely struggle to get off the ground. What does this imply?

    • I have the same problem.

      I think “flying” is natural and it happens spontaneously.

      I start to lose the ability to fly the moment I begin to think about it. With thinking comes fear and doubt, and I begin to fall. Trying to will myself to keep flying has little effect. Sometimes I land quite hard.

      I believe this dream reflects daily life, that its natural flow is blocked as we get lost in thoughts and things, lost in the mind.

      It means we are living a limited, mundane, and painful life when really it should be effortless and free.

      Check Advaita, Nisargadatta, or Zen.

  16. I would fly up in tall green trees. It was so beautiful I just kept looking at the world below me. People wanted me though and when I landed I had people following me. Some with awe and some with desire to take me. I was scared and try to fly, but I had to be calm to fly. It didn’t take long, but I had to be calm. This explains a lot and I want to figure out what or who is making me fear. Thank you

  17. I had a lucid dream the other night, where I was flying at night, seeing alot of detail in buildings and high-rises and the terrain and lights at night. I repeatedly was compelled to fly through the buildings and go into the interior from up high, like 30 stories or more. Each time I was coming close to the building, I told myself that I needed to focus my mind so that I could go through the building into the interior. I had activities to accomplish while I was inside each building, but didn’t recall specifically what they were. I do remember that I woke up repeatedly during the night, and re-entered the same or a similar dream and resumed what I was doing–flying at a high altitude at night and flying into buildings. It was a wonderful feeling. Used to have flying dreams regularly, and needed one. I thought about having one the week before, and got it! Nice, eh?! Thanks.

  18. The night I had a dream about flying, was after I confronted my sister about sleeping with my ex in reality. In my dreams, I flew away from her. I feel as though I succeeded by calling her out on her lies and I solved the problem that wrecked my relationship. I feel a lot stronger now!

  19. whe I fly in my dreams I hover over the ground. I can fly effortlessly. The only problem is i can not carry any thing. when I do, I sink.back to.the ground. I definitely can’t carry people.

  20. Daniel Eisan on

    I had a flying dream last night, I was at work and I was totally in control.. Not only this but I was able to hold myself up and walk in the air aswell as flying.. I then took a co-worker for a quick flight around..then the dream ended but I could go as high as I wanted and wasn’t afraid, wasn’t worried.. I felt like I hadn’t been able to do it for long but it felt..natural

    • sue padilla on

      I sometimes dream of flying through my home I get so excited to be able to do this. Have your flying dreams kept you inside your walls as well. I never started until I had a spiritual experience in my kitchen one morning while praying. I just don’t know if I’ve made a decision NOT to fly outside or what.

    • Me too! But whenever I fly, there is always something holding me back. Like last time, I was flying freely, and my entire family was there, but they wouldnt pay attention to me! It was the worst!

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