Flying Dream Symbol


Flying – For travelling by conventional airplane, see airplane or airport. If you have a dream about flying like a superhero or magician it symbolizes a great inner power. Flying is also a symbol of carefree freedom and independence from tyrannical powers in our life. As a source of easy escape, if you can fly you are in little danger from anyone.

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Think of the bird, who easily escapes from almost all forms of danger. If you dream that someone else is flying and you are unable to, it might indicate that they want to escape their relationship with you. Be aware that you may not be wanted.

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  1. I dreamed I bled shortly from my nose after flying in an extremely high speed with somebody I can’t recognize.

    I had my eyes open and I was flying in a straight direction between buildings and mountains. The speed was so high that I crossed many countries in just some seconds. At some point I even went through a huge block of water which was like under the ocean, and I was still able to breathe normally without feeling the water choking me. Then we stopped right in the place where we took off and we were surrounded by other comrades which I don’t know in my waking life. And they were like curious to know how was our experience and what we saw. And at that right moment I felt something is dropping from my nose, I touched it, it was blood. I thought it was because of the speed we were flying in. And I also thought “So, that is the feeling of a nosebleed ! ” because in my waking life I have never bled from my nose.

    Can anyone help me understand this dream please ?

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