Flying Bird Dream Symbol


Flying Bird – If you see a bird flying in your dream it can represent all of the desires and aspirations that you have manifesting themselves into your dreams. The symbol of a bird floating through air can represent specific aspirations that you have and want to achieve. If the bird is flying with ease in steady weather, it means that you will have success in achieving some of those aspirations in your waking life.

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  1. I dreamt I was a bird and I was flying high with other birds , in a v shaped formation to break the wind i was at the back because i was the smallest and youngest bird. Birds of prey would constantly attack me since i was the most vulnerable but i kept killing them off one by one this kept going on until i started to become lucid in the dream and shifted to a different dream scene.

  2. Last night I had two very short dreams of flting birds. My first dream was clear. It was of a large falcon flying overhead. It had light feathers on its under side.

    I woke up, saw it was still very early and went back to sleep.

    In my second dream I could not see the bird very clearly. This time the bird did not fly overhead, but was flying towards me from the horizon. I could not identify the bird like in my first dream nor could I see what color it was. I am not even sure if the winged creature was a bird. All I know is that it was large.

  3. I had a very strange dream, I just woke up feeling sense of joy and peace and happiness. I myself is very religious person, I was looking at the sky all of sudden I saw something appearing from that small shining alike sun. Then it was a flying bird, it was so beautiful I was hearing very beautiful emotional music, and there was also a one monk. Who was also talking to my mom. ..then all of sudden ended up. ­čÖé

  4. I dreamed my boyfriend flying as a bird, he carried me as we flew as high as he could, I felt it was amazing. He carried me and showed me everywhere, and we went home happy.

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