Fly Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fly Dream Symbol – Flies are perceived as dirty, filthy creatures raiding the rubbish left behind by others to spread dirt and disease. It may mean illness or someone you trust will betray you. How is your health? Have you been looking after yourself? Who leaves you with uneasy feelings? Is someone pressuring you for their own agenda?

fly-dreamsBut, this is not necessarily so. When fly visits your dreams it can be to let you know you are capable of adapting to the situations around you. Open your eyes to see all around you. Turn the negatives into positives simply by changing your perspective.

When fly is eating something sweet in your dream it is a symbol of success that brings abundance. Flies feasting on meat can symbolize death and rebirth. This is an exciting time. Something is changing and new opportunities open up to you. Be open to new opportunities and the benefits they bring.

When Fly crosses your path

When fly crosses your path in unusual situations (like a closed environment), or continually buzzes around annoying you to frustration, it can mean you need to act quickly to achieve positive outcomes. It is a prompt to look deeper from multiple perspectives to see the truth in the situation.

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