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Flower – Flowers have always carried with them hidden meanings and symbols. The Amaranth symbolizes immortality. The apple blossom means temptation and preference. Flower colors also represent different things. A red rose has a different meaning than a white rose. The Victorians had a long list of flower meanings. It would be best to refer to a list of flower meanings if you dreamt about a particular flower.

Flowers in a dream can represent a number of different meanings depending on the situation. If you are receiving a bouquet of flowers, it is important to question who gave you the flowers, the type of flowers you received and also how they made you feel in the dream. If you receive flowers from someone you know it can indicate that there is a feeling of admiration for you from the giver. Receiving flowers from an unknown stranger can symbolize the need to feel appreciated by people around you.

Alternatively, if you dream of a bouquet of flowers, you may need to interpret the meanings of all the flowers present in order to understand the overall meaning of the bouquet. On the other hand, flowers many times mean exactly what your gut feeling toward them is. If you dislike a certain type of flower, that flower could mean dislike despite what its official meaning is.

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  1. i saw my late grandma in ma dream…… she ws entering to unknown gate where non ws allowed to enter there were some people too but in ma dream i ws suppose to give her a flowers with red,white,yellow color….somehow i convince the gate keeper n went inside to give the flower n came back….. i want kno what does the flowers means

  2. I had a dream the other day and I wasn’t able to forget about it. It was so vivid.

    My girlfriend and I are in a crowd of some sort. We sat two seats apart. There was a stage on the front and strangely enough, we have flowers on our hands. I didn’t know what kind of flowers they were but they were white or yellow.

    There was a guy on stage. He was performing and then right after he finished, everyone started cheering and stood up and then we were the only ones left sitting. She looked at me, smiled and then stood up and went towards him. She gave him her flower. The both of them were smiling.
    I looked down on my flower and I felt sad. So I gave mine to the person beside me. He smiled at me, and I can feel that he only meant it as friends do. The both of them however seemed really intimate and the kind of smile where you were in love. I looked at them past my shoulder and smiled sadly. They were chatting now and when I woke up it kinda shook me.

    Can anyone tell me what that meant?

  3. I can’t find the meaning of my dream. I had a dream that a beautiful bird kept flying to my window and giving me colourful flowers, at least 3 time then flew away?

  4. Steve Staniek on

    Last night I dreamed of the most beautiful pot of flowers that I have ever seen or experienced.
    I saw a pot of flowers wrapped in gorgeous emerald green foil like paper, supporting a flowering plant that I have never seen before. The leaves were rich deep green. The whitish-yellow-gold petals were rather flat and went out horizontally, but thick like a lily. They were luminous and glowed with a soft energy. As I came closer I could hear angelic (?) music coming the flower which scared and excited me. I did not touch it, but observed it quietly trying to understand its beautiful mystery.
    I’ve been a grower most of my life, growing various plants, and I also have a deep love of trees. Yes, I’m a shameless tree hugger, and I talk to my trees, (4 acres of them) whenever I’m out and about on my property.
    The emerald green wrapping paper around the pot, suggested to me that it was a gift. But who sent it to me?
    I would appreciate your view of this event.
    many thanks,
    Steve Staniek

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