Floor Dream Symbol


Floor – Floors in your dreams can reveal much in the way of your future, past, or present. If you dream of an earth floor, it represents common and humble things in your life. These are some of the best and most praiseworthy things in life. If you dream about a nicely carpeted floor or a wood floor, it indicates a middle path of good things and plenty.

However, if you dream about rich and luxurious flooring, such as marble or tiled or expensive rugs, it indicates that there is something rich in your life past, present, or future. This is a sign of great fortune or a symbol of a great fortune of someone else in the dream.

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  1. What if i dreamt of a bamboo floor am stepping on it but theres a hole in every corner but i dont step on that hole ….what it means?

  2. I dreamt I was considering using the same hardwood as a person had. The ppl were a husband and wife and seemed helpful. I was hanging out with them st their house. They had just added new hardwood and paid for it out of pocket. The hard wood was nice but did have a few imperfections but I thought it would be good for my home. I was going to apparently build a home by myself from scratch

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