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Flood Dream Symbol – Dreaming about a flood brings with it the fear of drowning. If you felt this fear strongly in your dream, see drowning. If you dreamt about a flood in your dream without any fear of drowning it could indicate that there is a danger of excess coming your way. In general, having a lot of something is considered good.

Flood dreamsHowever, a flood symbolizes much trouble. Just as real floods can destroy valuable property, dream floods can indicate a destruction of many good things in your life. This dream is a warning against tides that are to come. Be careful in your journey and keep a look out for a flood.

Alternatively, a large flood can symbolize the release of emotional energy or built up frustration that you have. Seeing a flood in your dream may suggest that you need to release this emotional energy in order for you to progress further.

To see yourself in the middle of a flood (nearly drowning) can indicate that your feelings and emotions are beginning to overwhelm you. The flood waters may be surrounding you making it feel like there is no hope in site. If you feel this way then you should figure out what is causing you stress in your waking life and deal with it.

Questions to Ask

  • Did the flood represent any aspects of your emotions that have been pent up and needing to be released?
  • Did you manage to escape the flood or did it engulf you in the dream?
  • Who were the other prominent characters in the dream? Did you recognize anyone? Do they have an important meaning in your waking life?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. I had this strange dream last night. I was in a tropical land with huge pools and people enjoying the sun. It didn’t seem to be anywhere I have met, though. But something very familiar caught my eyes. Strangely enough, those pools were near the Holy Mosque in Mecca, as though those people were ignoring Kaaba. Suddenly a huge tsunami took over the shore and every one was drowned except me. I knew I couldn’t swim but I dived into a bulk of water and found myself in my neighborhood looking for my father’s house and I saw my mother in the street. I grabbed her hand ran down an ally towards home. Water was gushing from everywhere, but I guess we managed to flee. Then, I jumped out of bed…

  2. I had a dream I couldn’t stop pissing and I started to flood the house. I was running around trying to find a shut off valve with my very large fire hose like penis spraying every where. Then I woke up and had to use the bathroom.

    • I dreamt of my mum telling me to be strong she had been crying. She held my 3 year old child. I was trying to hold onto my 2 year old my son was with us and water soon engulfed us from above I grabbed my daughter and felt drowning and my baby struggled in my arms. Its freaked me out.

  3. Mine was being with a “younger sister” (but i don’t have younger sister in real life) alongside the windows of our house while holding a sketchbook, drawing something. The high flood was tranquil and peaceful, the color is almost aqua blue. It’s huge and we can already see some people travelling with their boats outside. Though our house wasn’t entered by flood. We’re just there, talking with each other.. drawing on our pads.. then when I tried to look back at the flood, it’s already entering out windows and the aqua blue color has faded and it turns to black! (a typical color of a dirty flood). Before i get drown, I woke up.

    I’m so curious about its interpretation. Help me out.

  4. Mine took place in my childhood home it was a downpour for some reason my windows in my room were almost wide open letting all the rain in ( i had to close my windows) i was quickly in a rush scrambling to take as much as i could knowing i could never come back. Glancing around seeing what was the most important and valuable thing. Then i woke up…

  5. Angelina lillemon on

    I had a dream that i was in this huge city and the power was off and the only light we had were the red flashing warning lights and this huge tsunami would engulf the city and kill a bunch of people but it would happen over and over again and me and this other person were inside of this bunker with this thick glass above it so we sall all this happening and we were the only ones that survived

  6. My dream of flooding water came at a strange situation. First I was with my parents and siblings in a chopper controlled by someone else. We witness a crash and our pilot became distracted and hit something that caused our propeller to break. We were falling floating around water but managed to land safely in some type of Mayan looking ruin temple. In that temple ruins there were people already there I over heard that this young girl was some sort of queen or young leader in this world she didn’t even know. A lawyer or person in a suit started talking to her walking around these ruin as I was following them they can across this lever she told her that the lever was some sort of secrete hidden in it. He sort of pulled it down walking away from it but not pulling it all the way. He pulled it in a manner that someone else may pull it. I didn’t realize it at the time but he probably knew I was following them and wanted me to do it. He knew I would be tempted to. I went over pulled it as they walked away and this flood began to start. I was walking away from the temple as the water began to rise hoping no one saw it was me that pulled it. I somehow made it far away to see that the temple was going under water and this halfway broken down brick wall began to emerge with a window from the ground. That’s when I woke up. Writing about it now kind of freaks me out. Who that suited person was really thinking about it he probably looked back it me saying go ahead pull it pull it!!.

  7. Due to flood my both children separation .they go in airplane out of country I left plane I m very scared one child is 7yrs and one is 7months old New baby .both boy plz help me plz what is meaning

    • We were having a family trip, then floods occurred. I managed to cross with my elder son but my other two kids were still coming behind. Bridge starts to flood heavily. other people were coming out from it. I was panicking on the others side of the river as my two younger kids were not showing up. I kept holding on the fact that, my kids know how to swim, they will eventually come out like other people. Still waiting there and panicking, I just woke up. Please help what does this dream mean. My two kids were still in water when I woke up. Plz help

  8. I had a dream of rising waters at the back of our house. I kept checking and each time the water was getting higher and higher. The water just kept rising and rising. So my son and some other kids don’t know who took surfboards to ride the flood to find help. The water finally reached the house. I tried to get away from the flood but where I went the flood water kept rising and rising. I wasn’t scared of the flood I accepted that it was happening…I went into these old white peoples house it was quite artsy. They were nice. When I woke up I was quite calm and I actually liked that dream. I’ve had worse dreams than that.

  9. Edwin Fortuna on

    This just happened a while ago while I’m sleeing it was really tragic that I’m crying already on my dream. In my case, we are all in a place near a sea including my family. It was like everything is okay then suddenly it starts raining and flooding. We are all stranded on the side while everyone is falling into a huge sinkhole in the middle of a flood. Everyone decided to jump into the sinkhole one by one including my mother and my nephew except me and my sister. We both tried to qarn and stop them but they still continue, I think because they knew that the sinkhole will deliver then to a safer place but after they jump into the sinkhole, me and my sister cried because we both knew they didn’t make it. And then suddenly the flood stop and the sinkhole stops spinning and sucking everything but water remains on it. After that, I forced my self to wake up.

  10. (My dream) I can only remember pieces. I was climbing the side of a dump truck as flood was rushing around me and when the water reached the truck it rose up to my feet an I jumped off the truck and flew up and looked back hovering there as I watched the water rush in and cover everything then I flew away n I woke up

  11. I’ve had a recurring nightmare for years. I call it my water dream. Always a different scenario but every dream is about water overwhelming me in some way. I could be walking down a field quite content and then all of a sudden I turn around and there’s a huge amount of water coming up towards me. Every time is different but always about a large amount of water. I had one last night and it was very scary

  12. Yesterday I had a dream. It started somewhere in wetland in the forest with 3 characters me, my father and someone. But the father wasn’t my father he looked like evil version of him and he was more intellectual. He had a knife I knew he was going to kill me we talked about something before he was going to kill the 3rd person. I tried stop him I was fighting him about the knife. 3rd person ran away. He scarred my left hand and I kicked him in belly and I ran home. At home I talked to mother in the kitchen about the attack meanwhile I saw my real father was sitting in the chair at first I was confused. Than the flood started very dark green water started surrounding our house very fast. Everyone in the house run fast upstairs to my brothers room. My mom, father, brother and our cats. The flood was so high, when you looked outside through glass door to the balcony. You couldn’t see anything. Only dark green dirty water. We were all scared. I looked outside and there was swimming dark version of my father and when water started going through the door I saw evil me outside.
    Ps: sorry for my English it’s not my native language

  13. An afternoon. Top most apartment. Neck deep water. I see my mom who is a patient looking in dismay as she can’t move but is standing. Younger version Of my now 20 yr old son sitting with his other cousins on top of table. Before flood my mom features in 2 scenes where I forget to give her lunch and rush to her and she is having bath and power shut down and I try opening the door and rescue her. Back to present I rush down the apartment( enroute many wailing and distressed ) for help. I get up with a heavy head and stomach churn. My dream has other guests at home but not my dad or hubby or his family in my scenes

  14. I have dreamt of a huge flood that is coming to engulf everything where I am. But the flood is not coming. I , with some person are awaiting in fear for the invisible but invincible flood.

  15. I dreamt that I was outside this house with eastenders characters and I went inside to cause the flood (I didn’t see myself cause it I just knew I caused the flood) then suddenly I was inside again and the water was very high but I didn’t feel like I was drowning (I can’t swim in real life) but I was able to swim in my dream. It was dark and muddy water inside the house – I tried saving people but I couldn’t. Then as me, Whitney from eastenders, and someone else I didn’t recognise we’re near the door and electrical current went through all the water and me and Whitney jumped out the door but everyone else inside died. Suddenly I was running up a road crying trying to get away, thinking about my mum and sister and how I killed them because they were in the water. Then suddenly I was back in the house but it was the next day and the house was damp and destroyed but the water was gone. I was with my nanny and mum and I was frantic running around asking is everyone okay and who died then Patrick from eastenders said my best friend died. She was getting married and was upstairs on the phone to her fiancé that’s why she was in the house. I was screaming and crying uncontrollably and I tried telling my mum and nanny that she died but the words were choking everytime I tried to speak. I felt so much guilt and pain and regret and remorse. Then I woke up. (Also in my dream the water couldn’t leave the house.)

  16. Khadija Begum on

    I dreamt that river water is rising and all of us feel nervous. It was rising so much that wiped away everything including my all beds!

  17. Racheal oluwasefunmi on

    I had a dream that river was carrying all my clothes and I saw myself and my deceased mother retrieving them, was successful bc there was a blockage that stopped it fairly at last. 2ndly there was a tall plantain tree but no more leave or fruit on it and an advice came that it has to be cut so as to allow it come out fresh again and agreed upon. What could be d meaning

  18. I dreamt that muddy flood was going reverse in our local canal and then it got a way to the streets. I was sitting in my bed in the middle of a street and the flood surrounded me even my books were drowned. but I was surprised that from another side clear water came out and covered the town.

  19. We were at the river with my neubor and there was not raining we just seeing water in a river coming from otherside going to other side ,luckly we were on top of a river , we were struggling and water continuing coming from everywhere and trying to get us back, bt we won, when we out I sow my friend I didnt see my neibor there

  20. Sophy Gonzalez on

    I dreamt that I was getting on a horse was a little nervous but at the same time I remember thinking in the dream oh I rode a horse before I should be fine in dream I got on horse and the horse started walking slowly then suddenly it switched to a surgeon talking to me telling me surgery on my back is not guaranteed!!!(On that note I’m suppose to be getting back surgery and the doctor told me that there’s a 70% chance of being better)

  21. Hi, I dreamt of a general rain flood iny city and had to park my Scooter but I don’t remember how I got home. 2 days after I came to check for my scooter but it’s missing and wake up crying.

  22. Ikechukwu John Nwafor on

    I dreamt that my wife was hanging washed clothes on a line and a heavy rain started. Then it started to flood and the water entered the living room carrying the hanged clothes where but I was not disturbed. I went out to the verandah holding my wife happily and then saw some other couples all out playing in the rain and all very happy.

  23. I️ dreamt that the Earth began to open up taking people into it , then water came and buildings began to fall and sink. It. Was going on all over Earth. I ran into a church after awhile the church began to fill with water I had a little boy with me , he was very brilliant he was not afraid. Somehow people cut the church free so it would not sink and it began to move with the water. There was Mass destruction. My neighbor was going to get my dogs and try to keep them safe. I️ called my children to ask how they were it was the same where they all lived. I️ asked them if they could make it safely to a strongly built church. I️ woke up shaking. Can you tell me what this means ?

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