Flood Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Flood Dream Symbol – Dreaming about a flood brings with it the fear of drowning. If you felt this fear strongly in your dream, see drowning. If you dreamt about a flood in your dream without any fear of drowning it could indicate that there is a danger of excess coming your way. In general, having a lot of something is considered good.

Flood dreamsHowever, a flood symbolizes much trouble. Just as real floods can destroy valuable property, dream floods can indicate a destruction of many good things in your life. This dream is a warning against tides that are to come. Be careful in your journey and keep a look out for a flood.

Alternatively, a large flood can symbolize the release of emotional energy or built up frustration that you have. Seeing a flood in your dream may suggest that you need to release this emotional energy in order for you to progress further.

To see yourself in the middle of a flood (nearly drowning) can indicate that your feelings and emotions are beginning to overwhelm you. The flood waters may be surrounding you making it feel like there is no hope in site. If you feel this way then you should figure out what is causing you stress in your waking life and deal with it.

Questions to Ask

  • Did the flood represent any aspects of your emotions that have been pent up and needing to be released?
  • Did you manage to escape the flood or did it engulf you in the dream?
  • Who were the other prominent characters in the dream? Did you recognize anyone? Do they have an important meaning in your waking life?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. Anna Campbell on

    I keep having recurring dreams about flooding , lots of water I always seem to be having these dreams …… even when I was young I’m now 34 …. last night I had it agin this time my sister and I were escaping from a huge flood ..?? What does my recurring dreams about flooding mean ?? Thank you.

  2. I dreamed i was at my old home where i grew up and the only person with me was my ex and he was trying to apologize and all that while a huge surge of rain started to rush up into the house. Luckily, im quick on my feet and grabbed things to stop the water,closing it in like a barrier. Then all of a sudden the rain stopped and i woke up.

  3. Maricel Rodriguez on

    I dream that our house was flooded outside..All areas was flooded ..I was in my family at that dream…So me and my son and my nephew are going out in the house looking for a place to escape this flooded area…

  4. I dreamt that on my way back from somewhere, it rained heavily but I wasn’t scared at all in fact I was happy to swim in the flood all the way home, carrying a backpack and please I would love to know what it means. thanks

  5. I dreamt that I was in a room with hundreds of people and it was slowly filling with water. There was a woman who was stood “above” us all, as the room was more or less full of water, it stopped flooding and she let so many people go. I was one of the few that wasn’t allowed to leave the room and it started filling with water again. I eventually escaped from the room, then I woke up.

    I’d love to know what this means!

  6. I dreamt I was floating in a float, and was trying to escape with a lady through a hole, the lady did escape through the hole and I didn’t see my self escaped, afterwards I saw myself in a sitting room with all house property drenched with water. Can someone help me with this interpretation .

  7. quanese moore on

    I had a dream that a bunch of different people were experiencing a flood, not me. They managed to get away to a dry area, but it flooded too. Nowhere was safe foelr them. They kept having to swim away, but they werent drowning. At the end someone came up with a plan to recover the land and build back civilization from nothing..but thats when i woke up

  8. Shirley Brooks on

    I had a that water started to fill into my house at the back door i saw a dead dog. I then went to the front and the same thing was happening. Me and an elderly neighbor and three kids climbed onto the 2nd store balcony. The whole town was flooding from rain. Then the phone rang and woke me up

  9. Hi.. i dreamt that suddenly flood in the river and i was with my son. And we still breathing nd looking for something to grab on.that we could hold on to. But my dream was stop nd im awake..what was this meaning

  10. I had a dream last night that there was a fast moving flood. The flood seemed to start in my home and move to the outside property.

    I had a flood dream last night. In the dream I was very confused and frantic to find the source of the water. It seemed that it could be coming from the sink, so I flipped on the garbage disposal. When I did so the wall against the sink began to shake until it started to crumble down.

    At that point the last thing I remember was looking outside through the space where my wall was and thinking that the yard had flooded quickly but I did not take further action, I felt a sense of helplessness.

    I never felt in danger, just frantic to make the water stop.

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