Floating Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Floating Dream Symbol – If you dream that you are floating, whether in water or the air, it symbolizes that you are one of two things. Either you are free from cares or newly delivered from them. If you feel as if you have been floating forever, it means that you enjoy a peaceful and serene life.

Try not to let anything bother you. Distractions are everywhere and can lead to destruction. If you feel as if you have just begun to float it means that you have recently made a change in your life that has freed you from the chains of something.

Dreams where you are floating in water indicates your ability to coast through life without major obstacles that are blocking your way. Alternatively, floating in a dream may indicate that you are lacking a direction or power in your waking life. Perhaps it is time to take a step back and try to re-calibrate the direction of your life.

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  1. kulen sarmah on

    I dreamt of floating on stagnant water. As u say I must lack direction to navigate. And that’s how I feel actually.

  2. Dreamed I was floating up from my bed. I could see below me in the dream. The article mentioned that a floating dream “means that you have recently made a change in your life that has freed you from the chains of something.” Other articles mention similar and I totally agree. The day of this dream I made a huge step in a favorable direction. I started a small business that brings in a great stream of income. I do believe this dream was symbolic of future success.

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