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Flirting – Dreaming about flirting with someone indicates that there is a string attraction in your life. If in your dream you are flirting with someone else, but they are not flirting with you in return, it might mean that they are not attracted to you. If you dream that they are flirting with you then it means that they definitely like you, though be careful because they may just want a superficial relationship and not a serious one.

If you dream that you are both flirting with each other, it means that there is definitely an attraction, even if you are unwilling to admit it to yourself. In fact, it might be beneficial to try to have a relationship with that person.

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  1. I dreamt sometime unknown was flirting with me and I wanted to be polite but I wasn’t into it and I was aware I had I boyfriend.

  2. I don’t really know in myself or what I’m supposed to do. I always dreamt I was flirting by beautiful ladies and I’m flirting them but sometimes I dream that I’m a guy doing such man’s desire. Dreaming about this doesn’t help me to be sociable, I felt shy and weirdo when I was looking at girls or they staring at me that makes me uncomfortable for me. Em I being a yuri like being a lesbian real life?

  3. I’ve had a dream that I went to heaven and I was talking to God and I looked over my shoulder and the person who I’ve loved was standing in tears saying “I’m sorry for hurting you and never meant to” and we ended up running away for some reason and we couldn’t stop flirting , we were also chased by people but always escaped what does this mean ?

  4. I dream that we’re flirting each other but she is like more into it. She is really sexy and we used to really flert but never kissed. And sometimes in dreams it gets really hot and horny but no kiss or sex. And then when we’re just about to kiss in dream I suddenly find myself kissing someone else…

  5. A couple weeks ago I had met this girl at a party , we didn’t really talk but her friend was talking to me saying I looked familiar and then they whispered something and were laughing, so we’re just chilling and I feel that there looking at me while we’re smoking hooka and I’m playing beer pong, but soon after we leave the party and say bye. A couple days past to the point where I seen her on Facebook and added her, but just recently added her on Instagram and just thought about her but I had this dream same day that she was talking to me, conversating how we were doing then go walk in the park but next day another dream that we are in a car and she’s coming on to me flirting and kissing me so what’s that mean ??

  6. I had a dream that both of us were flirting with each other, but the thing is that i never saw her.

  7. An older man was flirting with me during lunch in front of his family but then he said that he wouldn’t have time to be with me most of the time so he apologized and disappeared.
    In waking life I have a boyfriend.

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