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Flies – Flies being present in a dream indicate a source of annoyance in your life. Flies are considered a pestilence in most societies. If you dream about a single fly, it indicates that there is a small single source of annoyance in your life that you need to root out and destroy.

If you dream of a small number of flies it indicates that there is something festering in your life that you need to clean or get rid of; if you don’t you will only meet with hardship. If, on the other hand, you dream of an entire swarm of flies, it means that there are some major problems in your life that you need to fix or they will completely destroy you and everyone around you.

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  1. Shierly Lacoste on

    I dreamt last night about swarm of flies inside our house. When my husband opened the door they suddenly came inside. Before I sleep that night me and my husband had an argument about the business that I am planning to get involve. My husband is really oppose about it, every time I try to convince him we argued a lot. Please tell me what is the meaning of my dream.

  2. Had this dream last night, it started suddenly and looking back on it, it ended suddenly too, like 2-3 minutes.
    I was in my home (in the hallway by the entrance to living room door) with an *ex-girlfriend (who is standing in the living room) and out of nowhere a huge swarm of giant flies appear in all rooms.
    By giant I mean the length of my finger and about the width of my hand,

    I start panicking at them bashing into me and swiping at them and then I get angry and decide ENOUGH! and stamp my foot with the intention of them all dying and they do, they just drop to the ground, dead giant flies everywhere and my ex-girlfriend is gone too.

    * Not seen her in life for about 2 years and we are on good terms.

  3. I dreamt that I was flucking the wings off a fly that I caught. I wasn’t feeling yucky or anything as I was doing it. Can anyone interpret my dream please?

  4. I del so tired and needed some few minute ress, I just fell into trans and I saw few numbers of flies. Before then, I was unhappy because I keep seeing an image having an after with me. I keep asking God ,I’ve prayed, I’ve done many directions, but still. And nothing is going on well with me in this life. I seriously need divine deliverance

  5. I had a dream in which I saw quite a number of houseflies on a dead worm. As I got near it, a foot stepped on them and a killed all of them. Please what is the meaning of this dream?

  6. Ajay Singh on

    Just had a dream that I was sitting on my bed and facing away from my roommate and suddenly i hear repeated clicking of tongues. I thought that it might be my roommate doing this while looking at me. Then sudenly a swarm of black and yellow flies surround my arms. I try to shake them off and use a book and other objects to make them go away but they don’t leave me. I feel so powerless that i can’t even move out of my bed. I just couldn’t muster enough strength to do it. I tried really hard and woke up from the dream.

  7. I had a dream were i was with my younger once in my home town so we went back yard for some work suderly I went near small tree I started seeing alot of flies following me so I started shouting and left my younger once there,so I was screaming running to my house and heard a voice that said that if those flies should reduce that I have to take an oat that I will not go there again that if I go there that I will die which i did but still the flies was still following me,pls I need interpretation to this pls

  8. I had a dream last night where I was out side no where near anything and a sworn of flys came at me. They went in my mouth and down my throat. I tried to breath through my nose and then they went up there too. At that point I had no controls and couldn’t breath. It was terrifying and at that point i just woke myself up. Got such a fright. It’s worrying after reading all the story’s.

  9. In my dream I was driving and I pulled up to a light and as I pulled up I seen a swarm of fly coming so I rolled up my windows and I start driving and there is millions of white flies every where… I keep driving and all of a sudden my vision starts getting blurry… As I look to the road there a so many flies it looked like a really bad rain storm of flys… It was so bad I could not see in front of me.. and then my daughter woke up…

  10. Juan Carlos Sanchez Guzman on

    Hello there. I had a dream last night with lots of flies. I was in a room in my house and I we were getting ready for a lunch gathering with visitors. I saw they were lots of disgusting flies around so I got some baygon killer. And spray them all. I could see how they all were dying. Looking around I found the nest with lots of baby flies. They were white. And I destroy it. Throw it out in the floor. To make sure they will not reproduce anymore. They were all gone.

  11. I’m in the military and I had a dream that I had to pull a buddy out of the HmmV and when I went to get him out I started getting swarmed by flies. My shoulder or helmet would hit the sides and 100’s of flies would swarm me as a tried to pull him out. I looked down and his face was covered in flies, so I take off my Kevlar and thousands of flies begin pouring out as I struggle to grab him. I couldn’t wake up either I was just stuck here and its like I could feel them. I’m in Kuwait right now, relatively new to the military and I’ve never personally had to do this while in the army. I woke up and went to chow and it left my disoriented for the rest of the day.

  12. I dreamt that I bought a blouse when I opened the blouse, on the inside there was a whole lot of tiny shiny beads. As I opened the blouse the beads turned into flies and were all over the place. Really left me a queazy feeling.

  13. Well I was dreaming about killing little white flies and when I’ll kill one a bigger would come out but I see now that when I was looking all the people whovmake myvlife even harder than it us

    • Jeanette Herdsman on

      Yes I dream of swam of flies in to a toilet pit flying all over but it never touch me i don’t know what this is

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