Flexibility Dream Symbol


Flexibility – There are many sorts of flexibility in dreams. If you dream that you are physically flexible, this is an indication of your confidence in your ability to adapt to the circumstances around you. This dream may also be an indication of a feeling of good health and fitness. This is especially likely if you have recently started a fitness or yoga program. If you dream about manipulating a flexible material such as wire, this indicates that you feel powerful to change the world around you and your circumstances to fit your desires and needs.

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  1. I dream of doing gymnastic very flexible and strong movementa. Almost flying. In life i am few months in routine to strenghten the core (spine traumas left with lots of issues),. Making some progress. But this also fits life: a need to be in control

  2. Kristal Threatt on

    What does it mean if you dream you’re stretching in a yoga class and you’re the least flexible one when you’re usually not?

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