Fleas Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fleas Dream Symbol – If you dream of fleas, this is an indication of small vices or flaws which are beginning to show their ill effects in your life. These small, pernicious influences may only manifest themselves at first as minor discomforts and annoyances, but the flea dream is a warning that they will multiply and increase in severity.

This dream can also signify hidden malice in those around you, which has the power to ruin your life, or at least make it very uncomfortable, little by little. If in this dream you eradicate your flea infestation, this is an indication that you can triumph over these struggles.

Flea Dream Interpretations

flea-dreamsDreaming of fleas indicates your current feeling of irritation about something or someone. Fleas are bloodsucking critters so it may be that someone around you sucks the life out of you. It may be that you are unable to see this, though they irritate you.

Being bitten by fleas indicates someone is trying to make you angry They are deliberately trying to provoke you for a reaction. They enjoy spreading their poison about you to whoever will answer. Who could this be? Be wary not just of newcomers, but of those who have long been trusted to be in your life. Someone is plotting to destroy you. Spreading nasty gossip behind your back not caring whether you hear it.

You are the subject of their jealousy. Finding fleas in your hair reminds you that you are the only person to blame for your problems. You need to stop trying to blame others. Take responsibility for your own actions. You are the only one with responsibility for your life.

Dreaming of fleas can also mean there are prosperity and wealth on its way. The days of worrying about money will disappear to be replaced with abundant times where the money is no object. This is not a gift or a windfall. You must continue to work hard. Maybe even take some risks. Continue setting goals for continued success.

Although challenges will worry you, being well-prepared for these concerns can help prevent them from coming up in the first place. Prioritize your goals and keep yourself on track. Trying to catch fleas indicates you can find common ground with others when there are problems. You may realize that it always takes two to create a problem and come to a compromise.

Catching fleas signifies that good luck is coming your way. You will soon get a chance to highlight your plans. A new opportunity will come up. Be alert. For you do not want to miss it. Killing fleas means there will be an unexpected financial gain in the near future. This could be through an inheritance, a winning, or you may even find money lying in the street.

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  1. I had a dream of my husky dog which I love the most, he had two tiny fleas on his snout area and that I took them off with my hand, it was very easy. My mum was standing next to me with a flash light pointing at the area of where the fleas where on my dog.
    Overall feeling, satisfaction and release I guess.
    What could this dream mean?
    Thanks xx

  2. I had a dream that i was washing a cat or dog and when i poured water on the animal big black fleas appeared. they were engorged and so huge. along with the big ones there was also little ones. i killed the little ones but didnt kill the big ones. i didnt want to touch the big ones because they were too gross and i couldn’t even bring myself to touch them.

    • Deokie Seepersad on

      Hi my name is Dee i dreamt fleas on my hand and my youngest sister was trying to catch it..also i dreamt a lot of rats running around i was not afraid there were like gray looking one was caught and there was a gray stripe color cat watching the rat that was caught but the other rats was running to hide.

    • I’m CM
      I have many visions. In this one it was difficult to interpret. First, I had many chickens in my house that I gathered and then many tiny fleas biting my bare feet which I took off one by one killing them.

  3. I dreamed that I was in a bathtub washing flees off of me. But I tried to save them from drowning because I felt bad for them. None of them survived. However, two of them that I tried saving suddenly turned to tics, so I put them back and let them die. Overall, I don’t remember feeling any emotion, except feeling bad about the fleas dying. And then startled when they turned to tics. I guess this symbolizes my empathy and the danger of being empathetic toward the wrong people. ‍♀️

    • Or it could also mean if I hold on to my problems (assuming fleas are a problem/annoyance), they will just get worse.

  4. In my dream, I notice there was a wart like skin on my neck. There were 3 of them. I wanted to get rid of so I pulled out one of them, and placed it somewhere. I was observing it and saw it was a small dog flea crawling and will suddenly get bigger as it look like it already suck blood. I did the same to other two. I was thinking where I got it and remembered that I was lying on a grass… then I saw the grass full of same fleas. I became worried it might have entered my ears.. I was also thinking someone intentionally placed those fleas on me.

  5. Xaver Bishop on

    My dream regarding fleas was observing a co worker ranting to me while I could see the fleas moving about on his hairline. He ignored me when I mentioned fleas in his hair (in the dream). Should I share this with him?

  6. I was dreaming I was lying on d sofa with my partner and I seen something move on his head and grabbed it and it fell onto my top so I rolled of onto d floor and found it one single flea and showed him before I killed it. Now I’m 5 months pregnant as well so I don’t no if my pregnancy has a link to mad dreams lol

  7. I had a dream I was trying to get rid of fleas of a dog’s tail by putting it in a tub and saying id sew it back on
    to dog when fleas where gone weird dream I seemed happy in dream ,what does this mean does anyone know ?

  8. I had a dream I was trying to get rid of fleas of a dog’s tail by putting it in a tub and saying id sew it back on
    to dog when fleas where gone weird dream I seemed happy in dream ,what does this mean does anyone know ?

  9. I dreamed of catching a flea, explaining to someone what it was before I killed it. At first I thought the dream was telling me to give our dog a bath- except I woke up to a phone call confirming a job offer 🙂 I’ll give him a good bath anyway lol

  10. Jacqueline Bello on

    I had a flea dream but in my dream my newborn puppies had the fleas and I took some off and killed them.
    What does that mean?

  11. Nicky Clarke on

    I had a dream someone changed the shower get I use to something that attracts fleas, I was covered in fleas after using it and was fighting to get them off, the more i tried the more covered me. Somehow I was able to get them all off. What the hell does this dream mean? It was very disturbing and I can’t stop thinking about it.

  12. My Mom and I had almost the same dream of finding an excess of fleas on a dog. What could that possibly mean.


    Dreamt of sleeping in bed of fleas and the night before dreamt of pigs. No idea what they mean..

  14. I had a dream that a horse came up to me and he was infested with fleas. It seamed to be almost asking me for help.. and i felt helpless. I even said to it – “I wish I can do something about it”..

  15. I dreamt last night that I gave birth to a baby and I’m to old to have a baby but at the same time we had 3 baby puppies that were covered in fleas and I was squashing the fleas with my fingers any ideas on the meaning ?

  16. I had a dream I had a son (I am childless) who wouldn’t take his hat off and was ashamed.
    I got him to show me under his hat and he was red and itchy and there were many fleas and a couple of them bit me and a couple I killed.
    I held him and poured lotion on his head and all the fleas died and I could see them all in his blond hair.
    He smiled at me and I woke up.

  17. Had a dream last night about a girl who was in charge of taking care of certain bugs, I went up to see what bugs and she was covered in fleas, i got itchy.

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