Flamingo Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Flamingo Dream Symbol – Flamingo is a brilliantly colored bird well-known for standing on one leg with the other tucked up beneath them. They travel and live in flocks much like our communities. Flamingo can appear in your dreams when you are collaborating for a common purpose. They visit to let you know there is success in the future. Your cooperation with others will be rewarded with success, new experiences and opportunities.

Visits to a dream from a flamingo can also mean it is a time you need to let go of all you no longer need in your life. Look deep. What no longer makes you happy? What or who drains your energy, depresses, or makes you unhappy? Let go of the negatives to build a positive future.

flamingo dreamSurrounded by flashy flamingoes in your dreams can symbolize your preoccupation with your appearance. The message may be you are beautiful as you are. What truly matters is who you are on the inside as it shines through to the world.

It does not matter how beautiful you are on the outside because, without inner beauty, it cannot shine through to give you balance. Consider loving yourself for who you truly are rather than spending so much time on your outer appearance.

You are a social creature and may not like being alone. You love socializing and being center of attention. Have you been spending time with friends and family, or are you disconnected for some reason?
Flamingo reminds you to follow your heart in all you do. When you follow your heart, you come from a place of passion and inspiration that will give you better success.

When Flamingo crosses your Path

Flamingo crosses your path to remind not to bottle up your emotions. You are better off acknowledging them by releasing them to the universe to bring yourself back into balance.

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  1. Shruti Abhyankar on

    Plz tell me the meaning of flamingos in group on a sunny day … I was crossing the road nd I touch them I was happy. There was so many of them on dry land ..

  2. I was walking through a large dark room and then a yellow glowing blob appeared in front of me and quickly turned into a yellow or golden flamingo that spread its wings and came at me as if to attack but seemed to explode around me and disappear it then appeared beside me and did the same thing again as i turned to it this happened about 3 or 4 times until disappearing and not coming back. I then felt it was very important that i find my friend and tell her that I had seen a yellow flamingo because she would know what to do next, but i never got to tell her because every door I went through just got me more lost.

  3. I was going somewhere at night when I saw a place full of flamingoes and thought that it should be a hotel whose name was flamingo. I kept walking. According to this meaning, I would have to socialize more and take distance from the persons I love sir at the moment who make me sad. I’be been also worried about my phisical appearance that’s why I don’t socialize now. Probably my dream is also telling me to take some time off from work and relax. Maybe the night means that i’ve been in the shadow?

  4. Last night I dreamt a flock of flamingos were flying in the twilight of dusk. They seemed to glow, and were slow moving like swimming underwater, even switching and flying on the backs backwards. I walked into a barn full of people having a dinner party and there was one of the flamingos, laying in the rafters close to death but no one would try to help.

  5. So I had my first ever dream about a flamingo that walked up to me and wanted attention. I picked it up and it laid its long neck and head on my shoulder like it wanted a hug. I thought it was someone’s pet so I walked around looking for the owners and found them. It got into their car and made a sound like it was all happy to see it’s owners. This was just after we went thru Hurricane Irma.

  6. Nighttime. Trying to get to my vehicle and to go to temple. Flamingo seperates from its mate and is aggressive toward me. I end up holding its beak shut while corralling it into my suv. When departing my house a second time with my little brother in tow for assistance, I’m struck by the brilliance and overt symbology of the night sky. Realized this was the reason for the flamingos abnormal behavior.

  7. I had a dream that I was surrounded by a group of bright coloured flamingos and some of them were running, one proceeded to bite me on the hand and my mother helped get the flamingo off my hand… what does this mean I’m confused

  8. I had a dream of a reddish flamingo being tied to a small kattumaram (small boat) And taken into sea. The bird was tied to the small boat similar to how a human being would be tied… it was made to lie down on its back flat and tied. I take a walk on the sea shore witha fried while this incident happens. What would be the meaning of this dream

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