Flags and Symbols Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Flag Dream Symbol – A flag is a symbol of belonging to or identifying with a greater whole. Dreaming of holding a flag signifies that you are personally identified with the group indicated by the flag.

Dreaming of the flag of your country or another country may have different significance depending on your feelings toward your country, your country’s state of war or peace, and any cultural or racial issues that may be going on. Dreaming of seeing a strange flag flying over your home or homeland indicates a fear of defeat in war, and possibly an omen of defeat to come.

Flags and Symbols Meanings

Flags represent leaders, government, justice, and knowledge. Dreaming of flags can mean you may try to avoid being involved in a legal proceeding. Are you facing a legal argument of some sort? Carrying a flag can mean you may soon be getting married and sign the marriage contract.

Carrying a red flag represents a female around you who is not who she seems. You need to look deeper to find the truth. A white flag represents a pure woman or it can also symbolize jealousy. Are your or someone around you consumed with jealousy? Are you innocent of how others perceive you?

A colorful flag can stand for corruption. A black flag can mean trouble coming from a woman or a man of wisdom. A yellow flag can warn of a medical outbreak like the flu. And, a green flag can mean you are going to travel by car, train, or bus across the country.

Being given a flag, and leading a parade with many colored flags, can mean you will receive great honors for your achievements. Removing a flag from someone symbolizes removing someone from their position at work or in your personal life.

You may have to sack someone at work. Or, end a relationship or friendship. A pirate flag can warn that you may be in danger from an attack from your enemies. Or, it can mean someone close is in danger of being attacked. Be prepared!

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  1. Kalenga Leonard on

    My name Leonard kalenga,from south Africa but originally from Zambia and am pastor by calling.

    Me my dream, I saw many many flags in my church and some of I was even holding them.

  2. I was dreaming a flag last night our philippine flag I was carrying the flag ang trying to raise in the flag pole

  3. I dreamed that I was waving the European Union flag in a crowd, and was next on the news, what does that mean Im not even european and I am nuetral to that union.

  4. This old man had an American flag hanging from a tree on his property (it was nestled right into the woods on the side of the road) and it was in bad condition. I came by, took it down, cleared some of the nearby sapling, and put it back up on the same tree but this time much better looking.

  5. My boyfriend’s dream was a giant white bunny with an evil face trying to steal our flag, I was screaming and he got out a shotgun pointed it at the bunny and said “you’re not taking our flag” what in the world is that all about???

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