Fixing Stuff Dream Symbol


Fixing Stuff – To dream that you are fixing or repairing things indicates a desire to rectify aspects of your life that are currently not as they should be. Perhaps you have regrets concerning past actions. Many times this has to do with relationships that need to be repaired. If the item you are repairing has a connection to another person, it almost always indicates that your relationship with that person is in need of repair.

There may be other aspects of your life that need to be repaired as well, if you have been neglecting them recently. Dreaming of fixing a car, for instance, indicates that you have become lazy or complacent about pursuing your goals, and your subconscious is ready to begin moving forward toward these aspirations again.

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  1. Amodu raheem on

    Hi,I had a dream that I went to village,I saw my childhood friends showing me a non-fixed,he repair it&give it to me &said that I have been doing that business we are doing together now where I am.he said I should go with the what is meaning sir

  2. John Smith on

    I had a dream this morning, the street was full of cars with mechanics fixing them. What does this mean please? I could not figure out what street this was, haven’t seen this before.

  3. Michael Eric Bangham on

    I keep having this repetitive dream where I’m repairing damaged cars magically by touching them. Please help because I don’t understand the meaning of them.

  4. The fixing your car interpretation makes sense. I dreamt my fiancé was fixing my car. He is always helping me with life issues and working through our conflicts. Helps that is a doctor and also took a course in psychology. To him in my dream fixing my car, meaning he is fixing things in my life. Good interpretation. Thanks.

  5. Last night I had a very weird dream..I dreamt that a friend of mine asked me to fix his internet modem because it doesn’t work. What does my dream means?

  6. Diamond Atlas on

    I had a dream that I drove to my grandmother’s house with my mom and I was hanging with friends. There were two men who were driving a car and were watching me, but I didn’t think too much of it. So I went into the house when I came back out of the house these two men were then walking towards me and I got scared so I went back in the house acting as if I forgot my keys to my car. Well I actually did. As I was walking back to the house the two men were calling out to me and taunting me saying “so you’re going to act like you forgot your keys!” But I didn’t answer. I went in the house and found my keys. When I came back out again my car was gone. I wasn’t worried, I was confused because I knew that I had parked my car right in front of my grandmother’s house. After looking for a little bit, this man shoes me where my car was taken and my car was almost completely stripped of all its outside parts. The man told me they had stolen my car for parts. Still I wasn’t worried. I was confused. Before I knew it the man that told me about my car said that he would fix it for me free of charge. The same day he and his friends fixed it but my car was even better than before, almost unrecognizable. I thanked the two men for fixing my car and the two men who took my car looked so confused as to how I got another car or how I was driving a car when they had stolen it. I even spoke to the two men who stole my car and I said goodbye and my mother and I drove off I was in the driver’s seat. Please can you tell me what this means?

  7. Todd Mitchell on

    I had a dream that I was fixing an industrial furnace (at work?) by using my own furnace. I fixed the work furnace better than new, but didn’t have money to fix my own furnace.

  8. I had a dream that my ex and 4 of our friends that we hung out with together were at my house fixing wall outlets. What does that mean

    • I dreamt that I was changing some stuffs from my car engine. In that dream, one of my life male childhood friend told me to replace d part, instead of trying to fix it.
      Please what’s the meaning?

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