Fishing (angling) Dream Symbol


Fishing (angling) – Fishing is a symbol of work whose success is determined largely by luck. If you dream that you are out fishing, then the success of your current endeavors is indicated by the outcome of your fishing trip. If you dream that you catch many fish, then luck is on your side and your endeavor will be successful. If you dream that you do not catch any fish, then you are unlikely to see success, regardless of how much effort you put into this venture. Alternatively, fishing can represent the journey into your subconscious. If this is the case, pay attention to the things that emerge – they may be strange or surprising.

Fishing DreamsTo dream of angling  could mean that you are waiting for something to happen. Part of angling requires a lot of patience and sacrifice in order to achieve your desired outcome. The same is true for any goals that you have in life. You have to set goals and take the specific steps to fulfill those goals. You should take care to ensure that you have enough patience to fulfill the goals that you set out to achieve in your waking life.

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