Fish Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fish Dream Symbol – Dreaming of fish is usually a sign of good luck coming. Fish symbolizes your emotions. Each species of fish has its own meanings.

Small fish can mean there is an accident where there are minor injuries or something is lost. Where big fish can represent others talking about you behind your back. Dreaming of dropping a fish is a sign you are under much pressure. You may be in a constant state of worry. It could be time to take time out for rest and relaxation.

fish-dreamsFish are connected to the zodiac symbol of Pisces where two fish opposite each other is the symbol. Dreams of this symbolize your duality. There are two sides to your personality. You may need to be more consistent in the face you show to the world.

Cleaning a fish is a warning you are behaving in a way others expect from you. You are not being true to yourself. Cooking fish can mean you have a new way of looking at the world and your life. You may be ready to embrace changes. Eating fish is a sign abundance will soon enter your life. This is a dream that brings messages of good health and enough for all you need.

Seeing a woman give birth to a fish is a sign you will have a baby girl. Patting a fish can mean there will be problems with females who may have many preconceived, outdated ideas. Seeing white fish brings positive messages about your love life. Seeing a lot of dead fish is a sign you may be lonely, have lost hope, or grieving. There may be people around you deliberately trying to betray you. Fish flying in your dreams can mean you will come through some hard times soon.

Seeing a fish tank full of fish brings luck to your business and social life. If you are cleaning the tank, it can mean you are trying to impress others. You are not being true to yourself. You may come off as a fake.

Visiting a fish market is a sign you have the ability to achieve whatever you want in life. This will bring you much happiness. Seeing fish decaying at the market is a message that out of distress can come good things.

Dreaming of fish swimming in a muddy fish pond is a sign of illness. An empty pond can mean your enemies are circling close by. Just waiting for you to slip up. A clear pond full of healthy fish is a sign you achieve financial success, which brings much happiness to your life.

Sea Bass

Dreaming of sea bass can symbolize poisoning. This can be with respect to your health, your thoughts, relationships, and friendships. It is a warning to be wary of those who covet your attention.

Additional Meanings of Fish Dreams

Fish represent hidden rewards for your efforts. They also indicate that great patience is needed to accomplish the goal you are trying to achieve. If you see fish in your dream, you must recognize that you are not the only factor determining the success of your ventures.

You must depend on the opportunity and the right moment, and the action of others as well. As with all water symbols, fish represent a degree of mystery and chance. There is not an exact science to accomplishing a task that is associated with fish in your dream. The best you can do is put the events in order and then wait and see.

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  1. I have a dream that people are coming to me and giving me live fish without water. I’m feeling very happy at the time of receiving those fish and at the same time the fish are also feeling very happy. What does it mean? Can any one help me out of this?

  2. I dreamt there was a clear pond and a bunch of researchers came to feed them to see if they existed. There were 4 big white fish and had different gold markings on them. I was in awe of their beauty and it felt like they were a treasure that only these people knew about.

    • I dreamt n saw my late dad. He said he wanted to eat fish n I persuaded him that we should go back but he insisted, so on coming back we saw a woman sellind dry fish and when we came back he was happy. What is the meaning?

  3. I saw my friend eating my piece of fish in the dream, he was seated right opposite me and the fish was in my plate, but he quickly removed it and ate

  4. I saw in my dreams that my office senior and I went to sea and she buying freshly catches fish. I just watching it. What is that mean?

  5. I had a dream where I received a gift of about four large, roasted fish wrapped separately in different foils. The gift came from the mother of the girl I am dating. Please, could you give me an interpretation? Thank you.


  6. Preska Sylvester on

    I dreamt that I’m walking through the field where some herbs or maybe rice is planted. And that field is filled with clear water with small teddpole like small fish are swimming and they touched me on my foot and I feel very fresh and happy to see them.

    Need to Know what exactly is this mean?

  7. I dreamt that the two fishes are our of the water and a helped them , put them back in the water. what does that means?

  8. I tend to dream about the same things over and over, but of all subjects fish appear most frequently and in nearly all the ways mentioned above. I can’t say I have ever eaten or cleaned a fish in a dream, but I’ll see ponds, tanks, wells, bowls or even rivers swarming with colorful fish, even in the middle of a dream about something entirely unrelated. Sometimes the water is crystal clear. Other times the water in deep, dark and murky and I have to look hard to find the fish within it. Most often I dream about a well or spring, always in the same location in my back yard, full of tropical fish that have mysteriously thrived there ever since I placed one or two in the water years back. This dream comes so often and is so vivid that I’ve even dug around in that spot to see if I could find anything hidden. Nothing has turned up yet. I doubt anything will -but why dream about it all the time? If anything has come from these dreams, it’s that I will some day be that person with 20 fish tanks in their house and 5 ponds on their property.

  9. Susan Phiri on

    I dreamed that I was cooking fish in my ex’s house while he and his current wife were watching me. I don’t really know what it mean.

  10. aiden lumande on

    greetings!, i dreamed of eating small fishes i think with my family members, and all i can recall is that, it was so delicious and as i was eating i could n t get full, so i kept on eating, over and over, i guess until i woke up, pls, i need an interpretation for that, cause while ago i got the same kind of dream but this time it wasn’t with fish but with meat..

  11. Peter Daniels on

    Greetings to you!
    Well I dreamt of fishes flying off the bottle that I’m holding in my hands, one them even flu into my mouth.
    Please I need an appropriate interpretation for this.
    Thanks so much.
    Anticipating to hear from you…..!

  12. I am a born vegetarian. I dreamt of eating a cooked fish and relishing the white fat part in its belly and getting surprised that it did not repulse me.
    The feeling was good and comforting and strangely mybhusband too was eating the same althought i did not see it but sensed.
    Interpretation pls…

  13. I have a dream that a 2 year old boy was vomiting 5small and transparent fishes .what was the meaning of that dream

  14. I dream
    I was chasing a truck didn’t knew what was in but the feeling of stopping the truck was bigger then me, when I catch up I blew the doors and thousand’s of fish flew every where, at that moment I start yelling every body to come and get the fish, we must get the fish, a great need of feeding that people wont let me go into I saw adult and children running to gather the fish. I keep telling them this is good fish we most eaten we most share, what can this mean please.

  15. Eric harvey on

    I had a dream that I saw some one catching a fish at a pond, however as I saw the fish picking the line i ran and catch the fish for the individual. Upon pulling the fish out of the water, the fish has so many colours it was so beautiful. But when the fish reach the end, an individual was near the fish so he took the fish off the hook and drop him back into the water instead of giving me he fish. So i slowley watch the fish reviving and swim away. I really need an explanation plz

  16. Latrec Crutcher on

    I dreamed of drinking water from a bottle and I got some fish in my mouth and I poured the water out and there was a bass fish in my bottle water what could this mean

  17. I was helping to start an old tractor with two other people they left to do something and I realised that the radiator was a bit low on water I filled it with a hose the next thing the radiator burst open just before I noticed fish were inside big fish, then a torrent of water flowed out several minutes later the water subsided and the fish were lying there I was looking for a bowl of some sort because I had thought if they were in the dirty radiator water for so long they would be inedible and would need at least one week in fresh water, then I woke up

    • I’ve been studying dreams since high school I’m now 51. Usually dreaming of eating fish is a sign of illness to a close friend or family member that may even cause death.

  18. Sina Luongxay on

    I dreamt I was fishing off a pier somewhere with my family. I reeled in a gigantic beige colored fish, over 4 feet long, effortlessly. I called my mother up and told her I was going to give the fish to her.

  19. Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha on

    In dream before me I saw prime minister before me. I saw a bucket in which there was a cloth. I was to wash it. when I tried to extract the cloth from bucket there were so many dead small fishesh also in the bucket.

  20. I had a dream we were at home and I checked our fish pond and all the water were and the fishes were there not dead but struggling to breathe so I ran to grab a hose but decided to bring a bucket of water to fill it up again.

  21. I had a dream where i was walking through feilds that had recently flooded, the water was gone but the feilds were full of fish, they weren’t dead but i think they were dying, any ideas what this could mean?

  22. I had a dream that I’m writing exam and I’m done with my paper and head to meets my causemates in the class and set of people joined us in the class, and i walk with them to entering the class, i saw one of my lecturers holding dead fishes and i walk through her to the class. i need to know the meaning of this dream.

  23. I dreamt that I was on a boat fishing in a huge port, with a friend and his mom.,I distinctly remember a hook and sea bass. He was complaining that we (not the mom) almost hooked his feet, which were-for whatever reason, in the water. Then he mom showed and someone else caught a sea bass. I watch the in seen person skin it. It was as if it was being skinned by an invisible force. It just laid in the rear of the boat and his mom talked about how no one would want the fish if it sat too long. I remember thinking well, I don’t want to eat it then, either. Trusting her judgement.

    He betrayed my trust in my waking life-so the poisoning makes sense as well as not being true to myself. I have distanced myself from him for awhile.

    Thanks for you time that you have put into the information. It’s very beneficial.

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