Fish Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fish Dream Symbol – Dreaming of fish is usually a sign of good luck coming. Fish symbolize your emotions. Each species of fish has its own meanings.

Small fish can mean there is an accident where there are minor injuries or something is lost. Where big fish can represent others talking about you behind your back. Dreaming of dropping a fish is a sign you are under much pressure. You may be in a constant state of worry. It could be time to take time out for rest and relaxation.

fish-dreamsFish are connected to the zodiac symbol of Pisces where two fish opposite each other is the symbol. Dreams of this symbolize your duality. There are two sides to your personality. You may need to be more consistent in the face you show to the world.

Cleaning a fish is a warning you are behaving in a way others expect from you. You are not being true to yourself. Cooking fish can mean you have a new way of looking at the world and your life. You may be ready to embrace changes. Eating fish is a sign abundance will soon enter your life. This is a dream that brings messages of good health and enough for all you need.

Seeing a woman give birth to a fish is a sign you will have a baby girl. Patting a fish can mean there will be problems with females who may have many preconceived, outdated ideas. Seeing white fish brings positive messages about your love life. Seeing a lot of dead fish is a sign you may be lonely, have lost hope, or grieving. There maybe people around you deliberately trying to betray you. Fish flying in your dreams can mean you will come through some hard times soon.

Seeing a fish tank full of fish brings luck to your business and social life. If you are cleaning the tank, it can mean you are trying to impress others. You are not being true to yourself. You may come off as a fake.

Visiting a fish market is a sign you have the ability to achieve whatever you want in life. This will bring you much happiness. Seeing fish decaying at the market is a message that out of distress can come good things.

Dreaming of fish swimming in a muddy fish pond is a sign of illness. An empty pond can mean your enemies are circling close by. Just waiting for you to slip up. A clear pond full of healthy fish is a sign you achieve financial success, which brings much happiness to your life.

Sea Bass

Dreaming of sea bass can symbolize poisoning. This can be in respect to your health, your thoughts, relationships and friendships. It is a warning to be wary of those who covet your attention.

Additional Meanings of Fish Dreams

Fish represent hidden rewards for your efforts. They also indicate that great patience is needed to accomplish the goal you are trying to achieve. If you see fish in your dream, you must recognize that you are not the only factor determining the success of your ventures.

You must depend on opportunity and the right moment, and the action of others as well. As with all water symbols, fish represent a degree of mystery and chance. There is not an exact science to accomplishing a task that is associated with fish in your dream. The best you can do is put the events in order and then wait and see.

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  1. I dreamt that I was on a boat fishing in a huge port, with a friend and his mom.,I distinctly remember a hook and sea bass. He was complaining that we (not the mom) almost hooked his feet, which were-for whatever reason, in the water. Then he mom showed and someone else caught a sea bass. I watch the in seen person skin it. It was as if it was being skinned by an invisible force. It just laid in the rear of the boat and his mom talked about how no one would want the fish if it sat too long. I remember thinking well, I don’t want to eat it then, either. Trusting her judgement.

    He betrayed my trust in my waking life-so the poisoning makes sense as well as not being true to myself. I have distanced myself from him for awhile.

    Thanks for you time that you have put into the information. It’s very beneficial.

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