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Fish Dream Symbol – Dreaming of fish is symbolic of your emotions. Each species of fish has a separate meaning. Small fish can represent the loss of or damage to something you hold dear. It may be lost to you forever. A white fish brings positive messages about your love life. Dreaming of fish swimming in the sea is a sign abundance will soon come to your life.

fish-dreamsThis is most likely through good luck and winning something. Dreaming of big fish is a warning there are people close to you gossiping behind your back. You may win a prize in a competition you enter. Catching a large fish signifies good luck. It is a sign that you will triumph over all the odds to achieve success. Dreaming of pink fish is a sign life changing experiences are on the way.

Dreaming of Pisces with two fish swimming in unison, this can represent the opposite sides of your character. There are things you need to improve to change the negative perceptions of others. Eating fish and chips is a sign prosperity will come into your life. Catching fish indicates you will be financially independent due to an idea you action.

Flying fish is a sign you will overcome the tough times that surround you when you persevere to find solutions. Dreaming of a fisherman is telling you it is a time where you need to take some time for rest and relaxation. A fisherman that catches fish is a sign you need to use patience. Catching fish yourself and enjoying them for dinner, can be a warning there may be an incurable illness diagnosed among your friends and family. It can also be a warning that someone close to you will be involved in an accident. Dreaming of killing fish symbolizes defeating your enemies.

Negatively, fish can symbolize the disgust you feel about aspects of yourself and your life. It is a warning there is something blocking your ability to grow and move forward. What can this be? Catching fish from dirty water is a sign that your business may suffer a temporary block to its growth.

There may be short-term financial hardship o get through. Trying to catch fish with your bare hands suggests you are emotionally delusional. Buying fish is a message of greed, guilt, and potential illness. A lot of dead fish in a dream can warn of heartache and loneliness. Be wary of those close to you, for someone is betraying you.

Seeing colored fish represents your healing from an illness. Fish swimming at the bottom of the sea is a sign of danger. Yet, fish swimming on the surface is a sign you will soon have abundance on your life.

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  1. Ahwi oghenemine on

    I dream seeing very large catfish over 30 I mean large and I could kill two they are many swimming not a river but it’s just like a lake but water flow in and out but the fish keep coming very close to me them I kill two with the knife in my hand by spearing it on them

  2. I dreamt I saw fishes trying to stay alive in a little side slope but the water was almost dried up, So I tried saving them by fetching water and putting it in the slope however miraculously that slope turned into a large plant bowl and the fishes very tiny colourful fishes was swimming around,unfortunately the hot water was still on in the large plant bowl and they died and there were also 1 big one . What does this mean ?

  3. Pope Tuazon on

    I dreamt that i have a lot of stick snake-like creature on my back growing. When times that they’re growing and become heavy, i removed them in the bathroom with water. The whole time that they are in my back, they’re not biting. Then, they grow again in my back. This time, they got heavier. And when i go to the bathroom to remove it with water, they fall off. I saw the usually snake-like creatures together. But this time is different. There’s two black big fish like a catfish but with teeth. I feel calm watching then but confused why. Then, i started removing some remaining in my back that are sticking very tight.

    What does this means?

  4. I had a dream that I had two fish bowls, one was empty and the other had 3 colorful (blue,purple , pink and turquoise) fish. A family member kept asking when would I give her a fish so I took one from my bowl and put it into hers, soon she asked again for another fish, once I returned to the bowl my bowl still had my two fish swimming in unison but hers had the fish I recently gave her and now it actually had a purple seahorse that had produced one single purple offspring. As I attempted to give her another fish something stopped me and made me admire the seahorse and then my dream ended. What does this mean?

  5. I dreamt that I caught a large fish (salmon) with my bare hands then I gently released it back into the water. Then someone reached me a large slug which I released into the water. Does anyone know what this dream means?

    • Wow, I had a very similar dream to Christine’s last night (except for the slug part). Standing waist-deep in a body of salt water, reached down and caught a nice size shiny vibrant fish that had been nibbling at my leg. Ex-wife was standing out there next to me as well. I held the fish up to admire for a moment and then released back into the water. Not a clue what it means, but hopefully nothing bad or foreboding! According to the above article, trying to catch fish with one’s bare hands suggests emotional delusion, but in this case I did catch the fish, so what then?

  6. Louisa Graham on

    I am a huge animal lover and the dream I had last night really disturbed me. I dreamt I was killing fish and cutting their tails off! Something I would never do in real life. Please could you tell me what this signifies?

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