Fireworks Dream Symbol


Fireworks – Fireworks symbolize flashes of illumination, such as from sudden inspiration. They can also indicate sudden events that seem surprising or unlikely. This is usually a positive sign, and can indicate fame or recognition for your accomplishments. If you dream of seeing fireworks, then you are likely to experience a sudden, positive change in your life that will cause others to notice and marvel.

If you dream that you are setting off fireworks, then you are likely to cause the change from a hidden place, but others will receive the recognition. The wisest observers, though, will know which direction to look to find the real worker of the change.

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  1. Charlie Bravo on

    First I was lying down then a beautiful Bumble Bee spinning around searching then hides under my back whilst I was watching him. I was scared. The a little later in extreme darkness I felt elated then fireworks went off in the dark with ever, ever so bright colours.
    Looking up one says the Bee represents radical change and to check the Native American Medicine Wheel of Fortune, I think I am at number 6 stage.

  2. How about this?
    I dreamed that I was watching fireworks display with some unknown strangers. The place where we watched was so beautiful. We enjoyed the fireworks display because it was so beautiful and colorful. The thing is, the beautiful fireworks are falling on us and we kept on avoiding it. But, we enjoyed it a lot.

  3. I dream of colourful unlit fireworks arranged on table. I stood and was admiring them cos they looked different and even though they were not yet lit up they were so colourful and beautiful

  4. I keep having the same repeating dream about seeing light and waiting for the firework to go off but instead it explodes on ground and in this particular dream last night it made my ears and eye’s black out. Like a bomb going off near me.

  5. I had a dream that my neighbors were setting fireworks. When all of a sudden, a firework got into my mouth. I coughed and it all turned into gold glitters.

    I’m very worried bout myself.

  6. liezyl rose on

    Last night,I’ve dream a fireworks with my recently exboyfriend while were watching it, I hold his hand with some of our stranger friends talking to us what is the meaning of that?

  7. If you had a dream about fireworks, definitely if you seen where they were being set off from could mean great fortune and possible fame , DO NOT IGNORE this kind of dream. Just the fact that something like this is going on inside your tiny head says about you male or female. Have you ever felt like you were under estimated, don’t worry about it, there have people who have seen several crates on the beach filled with multi-colored tubes sitting in them and didn’t have any idea what they were, only if they knew what was really in those tubes they would of had a completely different prospective about them. Don’t worry, the real you is about to come out and it will be at the perfect time. You will surprise people, catch them off-guard, and turns heads, we will be able to look in a persons eyes and see you as they continue to watch you with amazement. You will be unpredictable, you will give people more than what they expected, they will begin to feel you as you have a great impact on things around them and they will applaud you when you’re about to go. When ever you decide to come around again don’t be surprised if those same people are right there just waiting to be amazed once again. [For you males I see you in high places, for instance a executive office of your own on the 56th floor]. [For you females I see lots of flashing lights strobing just like fireworks as you strut down that red straight and narrow path]. Just put a smile on that face………..see, your half way there, you’re about to excel and you don’t even know it.

    • Thank you so much for your comment!! I have been through many ups & downs over the past few years & your comment was just what I needed! Thank you… I hope that after 3 years of you posting this comment that your reality has exceeded your expectations… A couple of nights ago I dream t of seeing fireworks. I normally don’t remember my dreams but this one for some reason prompted me to do a little research & the results have been quite intriguing… I’m still working on it tho… But I guess we shall see what is to come!!! & what this means in my life… Again thank you.

  8. Jerlyn distor on

    Im watching a lot of fireworks on my dreams.i feel very happy on thst moment while watching it.

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