Fireplace Dream Symbol


Fireplace – A fireplace is a symbol of archetypal warmth and survival through bitter cold. It symbolizes safety and security from outside dangers. It also symbolizes the family, as it is the place where the family gathers for comfort. If you dream of starting a fire in a fireplace, this is an indication of your ability to create this sort of security for yourself and others. If you dream of a roaring fire in a fireplace, or someone else starting the fire, this indicates that you find your security in someone else. On the other hand, a dream of an empty fireplace indicates some danger threatening your security and relationships. It indicates the threat of loneliness and confusion.

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  1. Sue-Lee Freeman on

    Hello. I dreamed I was in a room that belonged to the queen. Looking through the window i could see grooms and bridesmaids coming and going through a doorway in another building opposite. The room I was in had a fire surround made of turquoise tiles and 2 modern black leather sofas. I spoke to the cleaner who had a little boy with her and asked if she would get into trouble if she was found looking at the guests and she said yes. ?

  2. Mallory Kaye on

    I dreamed my ex boyfriend was placing a large dresser in front of a fire place and he wanted my opinion on the piece and placement of the furniture. It blocked out the entire fireplace.

  3. I had a dream that I found my boyfriend cuddled up with someone else very comfortable and when I entered the room I was driven by rage to start a fire in the fireplace . I remember impatiently trying to open the bottle of lighter fluid putting it on the wood and throwing in a match to start the fire. I feel in the dream I started the fire in order to destroy what they had going on . After I started the fire my focus was on arranging the wood with a pic in order for all the wood to burn supportingly . I felt a lot if rage and anger when I saw this and I feel like the fire was going to destroy them or any trace of the love that was going on . After trying to arrange the wood all in one place I was unsuccessful . There was one wood piece that was far out of place and it bothered me that I couldn’t arrange it to satisfy my liking. After seeing the wood was not going my way it kinda bugged me a bit and I can’t remember anything else .

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