Firefly Dream Symbol


Firefly – Dreaming about fireflies means that you will have an unexpected blessing. This blessing will probably take the form of something quite ordinary and easily-overlooked. Fireflies are also a symbol of creative inspiration. This may be inspiration that you feel right now, or inspiration that is coming your way. This is a very hopeful and positive symbol of good things that are coming in your life.

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  1. I dreamt that I was asleep and then woke up to a giant firefly trying to attack my foot….it felt more like fighting off a heavy cat than a firefly

  2. I dreamt of watchinga bunch of fireflies and then i became one of them enjoying flying with them dancing in the trees with them. What does it means? Been dreaming this for sometime now please interpret

  3. I had a dream that i firefly flew right in my face then stopped. We stared at each other face to face for about 5 minutes then I woke up?

  4. I was dreaming about finishing a task given to me by a teacher. Finding a page in a textbook. I felt something crawling on my face and immediately woke up and threw it off. I looked around for it and it was a firefly. I thought it was someone’s phone glowing in the dark lol. Strange.

  5. I had a, dream I was standing in front of the woods, there were familiar voices calling my name, I was hesitant to go toward them; I saw a clearing through the mist, a lot of fireflies the voices still called out, took form into old friends, but I felt as though they couldn’t hurt me.

  6. I dreamt about a firefly landing on my right foot as I was descending steps at a college outside.

  7. I had a dream that I was in a house staying with a boyfriend & there was a raised swimming pool in the back garden & just beyond that a river. I felt as though this place was my hometown but it wasn’t the same as it is in reality. The river does run through my hometown in reality. The boyfriend in my dream changed person a few times. I do not have a boyfriend in my waking life. At first I was in the pool with someone, maybe not the person whom I felt was my BF. I ended up in the house, in the lounge, & at this time I felt as though this was not my boyfriends house, it was another person’s house that I did not know very well. There were shoes (sandals/flip flops) scattered every where. I felt the need to tidy them up & did so, the person who’s house it was eventually helped me pick up the last few pairs of sandals. Soon I was upstairs in my boyfriends room with the window open & a fire fly flew in. I was amazed as I’m English & have never seen a fire fly before. It soon stopped flying as I tried to catch it, & landed on the ceiling. At this point I felt as though the room I was in was my own room in reality, my ceiling has a slant & is exactly the same as I dreamt. Once the firefly had landed, it stayed glowing but had turned into a caterpillar.

    • chuks constantine on

      Thanks for your limelight teaching. For some time now sir, I usually see some numbers of firefly in my apartment, bedroom at night mostly, and in the morning I sweep them off. This is still happening. I have tried to close my windows to stop them yet they can still find there way in. Kinldy put me through sir. Thanks for anticipated response. Chuks from delta state, Nigeria.

      • Franz javier on

        I dreamed of commanding fireflies,in my dream a group of fireflies formed into a ring in my pointfinger…and I started to command them,they always follow me,and when I tell to command tress,the tress will obey them…they are so many of them that can even light up my way.

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