Fingerprints Dream Symbol


Fingerprints – Fingerprints are quintessentially defining aspects of you. It is a famous fact of life that no two people have the same fingerprints. Dreams about fingerprints, then, indicate your feelings about your deepest levels of identity. To dream that someone else is looking at your fingerprints may symbolize a violation of your privacy, or it may indicate a desire to bring someone into your life and share your innermost self with them, depending on the emotions connected to the event in your dream.

Alternatively, dreaming about leaving fingerprints as evidence is an indication that you will not be able to be anonymous in a situation in which you wish to be, and that you should take care to choose your actions accordingly in the near future.

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  1. I had a dream, I made someone’s hair and it made me go to work really late(closing hour) I tried thumbprinting but it failed. the gateman said I came late that’s why n I denied it. I later tried and tried till I succeeded.

  2. Ryan Conners on

    I had a dream that I was in a hall way and I had touched the wall and when I looked back my fingerprints were all over the wall . Then a black man walked out from a door in front and I told him I had left black fingerprints on the wall and when I showed him the fingerprints had changed into a beautiful colourful painting . All the colours merged into a black figure with wings that looked like it was ascending to heaven. The black mans eyes then turned white and he started to paint on the same wall and looked like he was creating beautiful art . I then started to paint on another wall not knowing what i was painting but just sort of going with the flow knowing in the end my painting would turn out something beautiful. We were both painting with our hands no brushes and also there didn’t seem to be any paint the walls just seem to change to the colour and shape I wanted it to be whilst using my hands .

  3. i had a dream where I was registering for waec someone has already paid for my waec
    fee and I have been snapped a passport with finger print done and another money was provided in my hand to pay just before it got to me someone pushed me and everything scattered I couldn’t finish the registration process

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