Fingernails Dream Symbol


Fingernails -There is much to be learned from the state of your fingernails in a dream, just as there is in real life. If your fingernails are ragged and dirty, this is an indication that important parts of your life are being neglected, and your subconscious is beginning to take notice and to want to “clean house.” It may also indicate secrets that you are hiding, or guilty actions that you are afraid of being discovered.

If you dream that someone else sees your fingernails in this state and you are ashamed, this is an omen that some shame is soon to be discovered or revealed about you or someone close to you. If you dream that your fingernails have been bitten, this is indicative of some damage you have performed yourself in your life, which you regret now.

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  1. gross dream on

    i had a dream that i grew extra finger nails… like at the base of my finger and at the knuckle. like 3 or 4 of them. it was weird. and then just as soon as i noticed i had them they were like peeling off. except one. one was stuck on.

  2. I had a dream that i told my friend what would you like she said just pay for my fingernails and toes to be done i said ok sounds good. Please is being on my mind all day need to know tge meaning..

    Thank you

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