Finger Dream Symbol


Finger – The fingers are a powerful symbol in dreams. They are the means by which we accomplish tasks in our lives. The exact significance of this symbol depends on the dexterity of the fingers in the dream, and their effectiveness at accomplishing a task. If you dream that your fingers are overly large and clumsy, this is an indication that you feel ineffective and clumsy at your responsibilities. Perhaps in a relationship you have been heavy-handed and caused some damage that way. Alternatively, if your fingers feel weak, this indicates a feeling of inadequacy.

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  1. Sandra Mcgowan on

    I’ve never experienced this before, I felt I was just going off to sleep. That feeling your drifting off, and saw my son who is 14 standing in front of me with the tips of two fingers suddenly cut off. His middle one and the one nearest to his pinky

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