Finding Something Dream Symbol


Finding Something – If you dream about finding something, this is a sign that you will soon make an important discovery. This may be a missing piece of information that you have been struggling without, or it may be a new discovery that will prove pivotal in some way. If you dream that you have lost a trinket or memento that has some emotional significance, especially as related to another person, this is an indication that you are experiencing some sort of struggle or insecurity in your relationship with this person. If you dream that you have found the trinket you were searching for, this is a sign of future reconciliation and resolution.

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  1. Phillip Kasegwe on

    I had a dream that I found my missing wallet, funny part is this is the current wallet that I am using and I have never lost it before. Could there be a deeper meaning to this dream?

  2. Rosemary Reed on

    hi, I had a dream last night that I’m searching for an answer to, but no one seems to have anything explaining my exact situation. I’m hoping that someone out there can help.

    I don’t have a very detailed explanation because I don’t remember a lot. I live in New Jersey, which is where the dream took place. I remember seeing my house as it is, yard and everything, but I also remember my house being in a completely different New Jersey town called Cape May, which I grew up in along with my hometown. so, simply, my house was the same but in another town which holds sentimental significance to me. I was with someone who used to be my closest friend on the shore of the bay located in Cape May when she found a sea turtle and gave it to me. from the turtles shell, you could hear whomever apparently lost this turtle. so we started trying to find them but I became emotionally attached. I also remember feeling the energy of my most recent and most important ex boyfriend, but I never actually saw him in the dream. hopefully someone can help! any and all interpretations will really be appreciated.

    • turtles and their shells often symbolize the need to be sheltered from what is going on in our life, the close friend that gave you the turtle may signify that she may be the reason why you desire to be sheltered, if there was a lost friendship, maybe losing that trust started the need to be sheltered. your home relocated to your hometown may represent your desire to return to how things were when life was better, the voice of the person who lost the turtle could be your voice, maybe signifying that when you drew yourself inside, you could no longer communicate your feelings, which is why you became attached to the turtle. Now as far as your ex boyfriend, i feel that whatever is going on with him, is the cause of your desire to return to better times. I hope this helps or makes sense, and of course i could be way off, and i see that this was over a year ago, and you may not see it

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