Finch Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Finch Dream Symbol –  When finch visits your dreams she brings messages of activity and busyness into your life. These bright, chatty birds never stop talking to the world with their song. Are you being too talkative? Maybe you do not express yourself enough. Finch is easily flustered. She reacts to the world around her. What are you reacting or overreacting to? Who pushes your buttons so you react before thinking?

Finch dream symbolHearing the song of finch in your dreams means much joy and happiness is close at hand. There are good times ahead. Alternatively, a finch flying into your dreams may mean you are being judged on your appearance or on how big you are. Do others make veiled negative comments around you? Or make excuses to avoid you? How do you feel about your appearance?

When Finch crosses your Path

Finch can cross your path when you are meeting many new people in new places. Finch is letting you know life is going to get busy keeping up with your new acquaintances.


Goldfinch brings messages of happiness in love. These brightly colored, joyful birds sing songs of joy that touch your soul. It is a time to celebrate the joy and love that surrounds you. It can also mean you may need to explain your love to another. Is someone around you negative about your happiness? Are there people who are jealous you have found love? It can also symbolize the love in your soul and to follow your soul’s desire to find peace, love, and happiness.

When Goldfinch crosses your path

When goldfinch crosses your path it can be a message about balance and how you communicate with others. You have much power in your voice. Do not be afraid to speak out for yourself and for the voiceless in the world.
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