Field Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Field Dream Symbol – Dream of a field can symbolize your need for freedom. They also represent fertility and personal growth. Dreaming of fields can also mean you need to embrace mother nature and all she offers. Take time out to rejuvenate. Mother nature has many healing, natural properties that can benefit you in your waking life.

Dreaming of a field can signify a lot of hard work ahead. You may have a long road ahead to achieve your dreams. A field of clover can mean you will mix with prosperous friend’s but, if it is full of weeds, you will fail or have little reward for your effort.

Stubble in a field is a sign of a future with little hope of achieving your dreams. Green fields, ripe ready to harvest, signifies abundance. You will have what you need in your life. A field ready to plant can mean you rise to the top quickly and can become wealthy. You may be recognized with honor for your success. A plowed field is also a sign of being ready for change.

A playing field can represent feelings of others overstepping your boundaries with people and in some situations. Are there those that push themselves into your life? You may be need to be wary until you know how they fit in your life.

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