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Fictional Character Dream Symbol – Dreaming of fictional characters represents memories. Especially if they are movie characters. It can mean there is something about to be revealed that provokes distant memories.

Dreaming of being a friend to a fictional character can mean you need more self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself. Have faith in who you are and what you believe in.

A cartoon character in your dreams refers to something in your real life. Look at the character and analyze what it means to better understand your dream.

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  1. My dream is kind of a sad one, completed with tears dropping in real life. A brief one too before I woke up seconds later which I find kind of odd throughout my 8 hours of sleep and it literally happens like a sudden climax.
    That said, since it was so brief, I can clearly remember myself hugging this fictional female character, exactly saying the line “We might never see each other again”, a short pause, and I got hugged back. I can even feel that I really got hugged in real life and obviously there was/is no one there.
    I do wonder what this means and genuinely want an answer. Is it exactly as described in the article? Who knows?

  2. I had a dream that I was in some sort of white room/hallway thing and there were pillars at each corner. There were also strange silver markings that looked like vines with flowers on them decorating the walls and pillars. I remember going towards a pillar to see my dad sitting down on a couch that had a very faded out color green on it and he was watching the new trailer for the remake of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. (There isn’t an actual remake in real life but my brain still did it.) I remember seeing Riku (he looked like his Kingdom Heart 2 self with the vest and long hair.) on the screen and I thinking about how much better he looked before moving on. Then I remember seeing something in the corner of my eyes so I turn back to look at it. It was Sora (he looked like his Kingdom Hearts 3 self except his clothes were more plain looking.) asleep floating in midair in a blue light that was coming from this metal looking thing connected to the floor. I remember not being fazed by it and just examining him before moving on. Then the dream formed into something else. It was weird, anyone know what it might mean?

  3. I dreamed of coming from my old school, and then when i got out of the school i became Hannah Baker (13RW) getting revenge on Justin. Wtf. Then i woke up.

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