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Fictional Character Dream Symbol – Dreaming of fictional characters represents memories. Especially if they are movie characters. It can mean there is something about to be revealed that provokes distant memories.

Dreaming of being a friend to a fictional character can mean you need more self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself. Have faith in who you are and what you believe in.

A cartoon character in your dreams refers to something in your real life. Look at the character and analyze what it means to better understand your dream.

Note* If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. okay someone help i had a REACURRING me and HENRY BOWERS from it like the BULLY are dating and actually kinda of enjoying his company i’m SCARED help please what does this mean????

  2. I had a dream where i was Steven (from Steven Universe) and I was leaving my school. Outside, I saw my mom’s car, and Connie (also from SU) exited from the car and ran towards me. She hugged me and welcomed me back from school. We went back to my house, which looked nothing like Steven’s house or my own house. Lots of other stuff happened. It was weird… I also had another dream that I was Tanjiro (from Demon Slayer) and I was protecting Nezuko (Tanjiro’s sister). I have a feeling that these dreams are signaling that i’m looking for a partner in life that i can nurture and love.. i sound cheesy but i think thats really the gist of it

  3. I had a rather disturbing dream. Every fictional character I knew was gathered at my school, commuting from class to class, going about daily activities. I was in an apron, and had a butcher knife. I was a cook, meant to serve food. If a ‘student’ came in, I would grab them, and chop them up. They would scream and cry, it felt very real. Yet, it didn’t phase me. I cooked everyone with care, making sure the had the prettiest of dishes, and the best of side servings. I ate some of them for myself, too. But, I mostly served it to the kids who came in and out. I killed a few of the kids who were still eating their, now lunch, friends. I didn’t feel bad about this, in fact, I felt rather proud. Someone saw me, but then they said the wanted to help. I let them for about two people, and then I killed them. Except, they were happy. It was such a strange feeling, like I was meant to be doing this, and that it was good for me. I was so engrossed in serving, and eating, and serving, and capturing. Rumors spread and people were scared of me, all of them were TV show, movie, series, or even anime characters. One saw me, she went to tell, but I stopped her in her tracks, and dragged her by her hair into my “workshop.” I put quotations over it, because it was really just a circular desk that curved slightly at the end. I remember so vividly, I killed almost everyone, yet they still kept coming. When I went to go cut someone in half- that’s when I woke up.

    It’s a dream that I haven’t let go, I don’t think I’ll ever let it go.

  4. Well, he was not the star of My dream but, Shawn from the Good doctor was in my dream
    The first part, i saw him on a progressive commercial for some reason. The second half, i did not see him in perskn but apologized to him for something and i sent a picture of the apology to him through text for some reason we were sorta friends but not really.

  5. Stinky Clown on

    I had a dream where Jenny Wakeman from MlaaTR and Kris from Deltarune were getting married to eachother. Unlike Jenny, I barely know anything about Deltarune or Kris.

    In the real world, me and my friend got ( Very Jokingly ) married over Discord. We both had Profile Prctures of the aforementioned characters.

  6. I had a dream that I was in a gym and I was in the blechers and half my school was there and in front of me was a anime character and it was todrokie he kept asking me to take a pink ribbon and choke him with it instead I tide it around his head when we where done in the gym we went to the parking lot and we all dances around to celabrate but i didn’t see todrokie and I asked a teacher and she said he was more to the side where the others would leave him alone so whent over to him and we talked for a bit and then he looked at me and for some reason there was his feeling he was sad and lonely and when he looked at me I kissed him and it felt real and you might think I’m crazy but it felt warm

  7. Ok so I just woke up and I googled my dream in a panic because of how disturbed I am by it. I am a big fan of my hero academia and danganronpa. However, I haven’t really watched/read my hero or played Danganronpa due to a heavy workload and I barley have free time to do so. I’m not always thinking about these two things but it’s in the back of my mind while I do my work. Anyway to the dream, I has a dream I was kidnapped by a villain from my hero academia, Shigaraki Tomura, and we kind of cuddled and then we were just hanging out and stuff, like going to some sort of fair?
    And the other dream that haunts me is one where I was catfished by Leon Kuwata (Danganronpa). The scary part is I had that kind of dream twice and I was catfished by the same character. It always starts the same, I’m friends with a random person and they say we’ve been buddies for a long time and they pull of their face like a scooby doo mask to reveal that they’re, in fact, Leon Kuwata. I am disturbed.

  8. I had a dream about the characters from the virtual band Gorillaz, maybe its because I’ve just recently gotten really into their music again for the first time in like 5 years. I still think it’s cool though, the dream wasn’t even that weird we were all just hanging out.

  9. I had a dream that I was daisy Johnson (from the show marvels agents of shield) and some weird guy killed Jemma simmons (also from agents of shield) and trapped me in a fancy Victorian looking room and for some reason I started screaming the lyrics to “sweet Caroline” and he burst into the room and tried to kill me

  10. mr anon man on

    well i had a weird dream n dunno how to explain it?? i was on an american school bus (im british, btw) with my classmates (well, i assumed, i never looked at who they were) and we were allowed to go outside for a bit, and i had some dvds and cds with me on the bus. i went outside and while crossing the road i saw a golden retriever (i think it was) with black wings. i immediately questioned it when it led me into a place that im assuming was under a bridge?? and turned into Sou Hiyori (from your turn to die/kimi ga shine), and he asked me for the dvds and cds. im guessing we were both from another organization cause we phased through a tight staircase and i fell down a bit but i was ok, i saw Joe Tazuna (same game) and Yuki Maeda (actually from SDRA2) and we got what we needed and i dont remember anything else so i think the dream ended there but i rarely ever dream and im confused about what this could mean

  11. I was having a dream with Draco Malfoy and other Harry Potter characters. I was in an apartment like dorm or like the common rooms in Hogwarts. Then a dementor came and was about to attack me. So I ran and Draco was holding my wrist telling me to go with him but I declined and ran for the bathroom, as I was about to jump out Draco stopped me and grabbed me by my waist and was covering me almost like hugging me.

  12. I had a dream that i was myself but stuck in Alex P Keaton’s body??? At first i was in the car with my family and I wasn’t in his body but my parents said “ you wanna go say hi to your friend?” And it was Fox Mulder. He was living in the town that i frequently visit. I went home after my parents dropped my off and then I was in Alex’s body. I wanted to say hi to Mulder really badly and wanted to bring him a mandarin. After that the dream pretty much ended. It’s not the weirdest dream I’ve ever had, but it’s certainly up there.

  13. I had a dream that I was having tea with the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (the real live action version not cartoon), for some odd reason I specifically remember his teacup was red with white letters thst wrote MR. RABBIT. HMMMM!?!?!?

  14. Well, I have been training myself martial arts and after a while I decided to watch RWBY for the first time and a while later Yang (Blonde girl with shotgun gauntlets) started to show up in my dreams, so would that mean I was to become great at punching, or am I becoming too much of a thrillseeker?

  15. Last night i dreamed being a daughter of Leon kennedy and there’s a unfamiliar women that i called “Mum” . We were in the car going to an old women house , The old creepy women and my ‘parents ( which is leon and the unfamiliar women) having a deep serious talked and i was just over there sitting like a kid and watching them . I heard what the old women said to Dad , she said that i was cursed or something That they always watching and following me everywhere . My Dad doesnt believe in her at first , so we leaved the old women house and went to somewhere ( i cant remember where and what happened next but this is the last scenarios ) Dad driving again to the old women house but this time the road he take were short but rough , I told him why we take that road than in a smooth road , he said trust me this is better sweetheart . So as we arrived in the women house , the women seems to knew why we were back and she just said you can stay here overnight , so mum and dad Take a rest on the living room and theres a bed for the 3 of us .. I take a nap then as i awake i saw mum watching tv and she wearing dad’s polo which was leading to my question to her that wheres dad , she said dad went outside . As she said those words i ran outside seeing my dad naked back burning while he was gazing to the dark sky . And the he was surrounding with the crow and black animals which is he doesnt see ( i am the only one who can see these creature ) so that time im holding a white fabric with blue line and scrub it into my dad’s back till and i was crying while scrubbing his back afraid that i might lost him and i pulled him into a hug . Please help me , help me to interpret this dream , these bugging me everytime

  16. Anonymous, haahaa on

    I dreamt I was on a boat with what seems to be the cast of Black Butler (kuroshitsuji) and my mom. Then I get lifted by Sebastian Michael is and thrown out. I… would want help in the sense of what this could mean?? Cause I genuinely am confused with this one, chief.

  17. I dreamed I married Loki from avengers and he had a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on and I was the only one that could keep him good. We also had 2 children by the time the dream ended.

  18. I dreamt about myself being in the show Star Wars the Clone Wars. Keep in mind I loved this show as a kid and had a crush on one of the characters. In the dream from what I recall my old tv crush was confessing her feelings for me, saying how I was a hero to her. I remember thinking “this is the coolest dream ever I never wanna forget about this,” then I remember my car getting scratched up and waking up. For the last couple days I’ve been very emotional for reasons I don’t understand, all of which stem from that dream. I feel helpless, betrayed, angry, sad and essentially every emotion at once. I keep trying to analyze the dream and find out why I feel the way I feel but it just overwhelms me with unprecedented rage as a result. Help?

  19. I had a dream about kissing a fictional character from homestuck. Like my first reaction when seeing him was to kiss him for some odd reason? And it was one of those rare realistic dreams. I actually felt his lips for some odd reason.

    • this makes me laugh cause i have a pretty similiar dream about kissing and hugging a fictional character (from danganronpa though) but who was it? the homestuck character i mean

      • In my dream, i hugged dirk strider. He is my favorite and it was a very realistic hug. It was really comforting actually.

    • I had a very similar experience, last night i dreamt that a Dirk cosplayer was in front of me and instantly i hugged him. I guess he understood that i needed the hug because he hugged back really tight and i could feel it so strong. Even though it wasnt real dirk i think i needed to hug him anyways.

  20. Chrissy Noelle on

    A couple days ago I was playing Overwatch (Yes I’m a gamer), and was trying out a character I never touch by the name of Reaper. He has a sad history of once being a man, died, and came back as a ghostly thing that eats souls.

    All the characters say things randomly during games and he said once “This is my curse”, which I personally thought ‘Well geez poor guy.’

    That night I dreamed he had come into my house, possessed(?) my dad and then had a breakdown about his current state after returning to his body. I tried comforting him after he ran (floated?) outside and then the dream shifted to something else. I’m curious to know if it actually meant something, or was just one of those times when your brain puts random people that you saw that day in a scenario and plays it out.

  21. I dream about Beauty and Beast scene. However, I was “Belle” in the story. The beast is always hiding to people but he has the capacity to change the weather. His emotions can change it. I actually fall in love to him in the story then at the end I marry my best friend (whom i personally know in my real life). It breaks his heart and start being rude to people. My dream ends that the beast is full of anguish in his heart and sadness in my married life.

    I wanna know what does my dream means in my life. I had heavy heart when I woke up.

  22. I had a dream where I was like a camera man in the sense that I wasn’t really in the dream but it was not a movie set, where characters from a drama TV show got lots of drama happening like a really violent car accident

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