Fetus Dream Symbol


Fetus – Dreaming about a fetus is a sign of positive changes coming in your life. In order to accept these new changes you must be prepared for a transformation of your identity, which many people find frightening and intimidating. Alternatively, a fetus may represent a responsibility that you find overwhelming. Taking on this responsibility will require growth on your part. There is great hope and promise associated with this symbol, despite the apparent difficulty that faces you in the short term.

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  1. I dream that theres a fetus inside my feet and i got so scared. Im currently pregnant now. What does it mean? Tnxxx

  2. Alessio Niespolo on

    I’ve heard about the “red dreams”, I mean to see all in red in a dreams. The dream of the fetus are red, but it’s very difficult do the same for common people. We lost this I know the red dream can give you the possibility of healing of many problems.
    Does anyone know about the read dreaming?

  3. Catalina Morales on

    Last night my boyfriend and I were sleeping next to each other and I had a dream that I was pregnant and my stomach was transparent. I watched the fetus grow and grow up until I was in my last trimester. For some reason I woke up out of the dream and I heard my boyfriend next to me say “it’s a boy!” in his dream. I found this really weird that he yelled that out after i just woke up from a dream about being pregnant with a baby I didn’t know the gender to. I found this very strang, What does this mean?

  4. Alyssa Cedergreen on

    Last night I had a dream that my stomach was transparent and i saw triplets in my womb. I’m pregnant now with my 3rd baby and idk how many im having yet (ultrasound next thursday) & my husband keeps saying he thinks it’s twins bcuzz I’m showing so early and I’m only 7 1/2wks and we googled belly of women having twins at 7 wks and they look identical to what i look like. Does this mean I could be having twins before I kno fee sure???

  5. I had a dream of a fetus skeleton in my uterus attached with a dried umbilical cord. My emotions in dream were as if I was telling someone that I was pregnant but didn’t realize and the baby died in my body. It came out in x-ray which I had for some other reason that there’s a dead fetus inside me. I was very sad.

  6. Jasmine faith on

    I dreamed about a friend of mine who is pregnant and about to give birth. In the dream her belly was transparent and I could clearly see the fetus she was carrying. The fetus had already turned to the birth position. Then it suddenly turned upright and waved at see and smiled at me. What does this mean?

  7. I had a dream that a mouse was giving birth to human fetuses, she had a total of 42 or 52 in total at one time, 17 of them died. I would pick them up and they were small the size of a newborn mouse. I started sorting them out , keeping the live ones and just tossing out the dead ones. What does this dream mean please help as I can’t stop thinking about it and it has me quite distrubed

  8. I had a fetus under catfood which a big cat was eating his way through i woke up before the cat ate the fetus which was scary & disgusting at same time gross.

  9. I had a dream that I was holding a fetus, the size of a lima bean, in the palm of my hand. It was floating in some water. I felt like I had to hold onto it, but then had to deal with another part of my dream (a white tiger on my roof), and I just tossed it into the grass. I felt awful when I woke up. Does anyone know what this could mean?

  10. I was holding the small fetus in my arms for quite some time then it passed away
    What can you tell me about this

  11. I dreamt that I was carrying around a very tiny fetus in its sack (about egg size) holding it in the palm of my hand. It was connected through my belly button with an umbilical cord. I showed it to my partner and it had a heartbeat and was moving in the sack. I was trying to book into a hospital to have it put into my womb but in reality I don’t have one as I had a hysterectomy 8 years ago. I wanted to keep it but the sack started to split and I knew it was not going to survive. I would love to know what it means.

  12. I dreamt days after my uncles 3year old baby that he go conceived with his side woman that i was alighting from a bus. Just when i Was out, i heard people to talk and on looking behind, a woman had miscarriaged. My mum took the fetus and wrapped it and there it was talking. I thought it was feeling cold and it kept growing up. So i gave mum my scarf to wrap it as it’s mother followed us.

    Worried because it comes a few days after Baby Angel’s demise.

    Over a month ago i had dreamt i helped one of my friend carry her pregnancy but when time came for me to give birth, i pushed it but it refused to come out. Later on leaving it alone it came out itself like a still birth.

  13. Had a dream of a crying fetus in some kind of clear tube. Then the night before a back who flipped of the bed an hurt his neck and started convulsions wth.

  14. This morning i had a dream of 20week old fetus he said that he is my baby sons twin brother..after that i found myself in the womb listening,playing and moving around the textures inside the womb the walls all felt so flexible and what amazed me is this weird villi looking tissue that i could pull and stretch

  15. I dreamt that we had a fetus and placed it in a cup of hot chocolate and we started questioning why we did so…strange dream.

  16. Like the two above comments, I dreamt that I found 3 fetus inside a container with an old angel statue. One was larger than the other two.

    • Crystal Lyn on

      I dreamt that this guy`s (i have been dating )mother had a fetus and it looked like a potato well more like a man root baby or fetus.It was premature and it looked sick because it looked like part of the limbs were not fully formed yet .Like it looked like a hole in the arm but you can see the bone..just flesh needed to grow there in order to be a complete full arm with (man root) flesh.And it was moving while sitting on the table.It was so tiny and she was keeping watched over it because it really needed to be nurtured and have full attention.I remember asking her (the mom) when would it fully grow its arms.She gave it milk in a silver bowl as well.I felt like it was going to die if we just stopped looking after it.It seemed as if she was trying really hard to keep the fetus alive and get it to grow and reach a healthier state.It seemed like a wilting man root fetus.I remember when i held it with both arms i had to keep it really close to me so it would not fall since it was so tiny (probably about the size of a hand) Dreaming of this dream brings me back to where i learned what a man root was which is in the movie Pan`s Labyrinth since the little girl cared for a man root fetus and put it in a silver bowl of milk and when the guy`s mother was talking about a baby that had died and she was going to go to church. The dream felt strange because when i saw the fetus i wanted to help but was unsure whether to help care for the fetus or not but i some how got the courage to pickup this man root fetus in my arms.What i am not sure is what this dreaming is trying to tell me?I don

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