Ferry Dream Symbol


Ferry – A ferry, as with all forms of transportation, is a symbol of your journey to reach your goals. The ferry is associated with a loss of control, as you are being transported by someone and something else rather than traveling by your own strength and initiative. You may be in danger of being carried in a different direction than the one you meant to go. At this point in your life, it is important to make sure you know what direction you are going, even if you are not the one bringing yourself there.

The ferry also represents a radical change from the past. Once you get off the ferry, an entire body of water will lie between you and your past. Be ready to let go of emotional burdens you may be carrying from your past. Leave them on the departing shore if you can. Be prepared also for a period of grief for what you leave behind, as you are leaving one period of your life and embarking on a new one.

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  1. Margaret Stith on

    I dreamt about me on a ferry. I had a small grocery cart not sure what was in it. I was looking over while brushing my teeth. Once we docked I realize my son was with but he was younger around ten. I was ready to leave but couldn’t find the dock. There were lots of home’s and apartments but we were in a very bad neighborhood. I got my son and we were wondering until I found the dock. Once we were there no one would help me because I didn’t know how much the fare was for us both. Finally someone helped me it cost three dollars a piece. When the ferry arrived I told my son to go on first. When it was my turn I realize I had strip’s of papers to use for fare. I put in but four strip’s went in. Then I noticed that the people were Irish I had been in Ireland. Once on the ferry I also realized I couldn’t find my son. The ferry began to move I panicked calling for my son. I could see the water it was calm but all the while thinking my son fell in the water. People began to say there’s something in the water and I began to cry praying it wasn’t my son. I woke up very disturbed. What does this all mean?

  2. Hello Stephen

    I had a dream that I was looking at the ferry at the dock but completely side ways. It was kind of far away didn’t see any people on the ferry, but I saw several people pointing at the ferry. What does this represent?
    Thank you so much


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