Ferris Wheel Dream Symbol


Ferris Wheel – Dreaming that you are on a Ferris wheel can be an indication that your life is going nowhere, possibly because you are pursuing entertainment and momentary thrills more than your long-term goals. Perhaps you do not even have any long-term goals set or defined yet. The Ferris wheel may also be a more simple symbol of carnival-esque entertainment. It is also a symbol of the circle of life. It may be an omen that an endeavor you are planning will end in futility.

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  1. I have a recurring dream of a ferris wheel. The wheel always moves slow and there is a feeling if comfort in the dream. The wheel always stops with me at the peak and there is someone next to me, I cant see there face and they never speak but its almost the feeling of sitting with your guardian angel. The wheel never comes down as I always awake at this point.

    • I dreamt that I was watching a Ferris wheel go round and round then all of a sudden two children slipped out from it at its highest position.
      On the way down the children tried to grab hold of a parachute that was in the air but couldn’t quite manage to get hold of it so they fell.

    • I had a dream of being on a ferris wheel with my mom. I searched through many dream meanings and none of them felt quite right…until I read your dream and your description felt very much like mine. Though my mom and I didn’t speak in the dream, there was a feeling of comfort and we stopped at the peak briefly before continuing around. My mom just passed away 6 months ago, so when I read “almost the feeling of sitting with your guardian angel”, it filled my heart, so I just wanted to thank you.

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