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Ferret – Ferrets are traditionally dream symbols of sneaking, spying and untrustworthiness. If you dream that you own a ferret, then you are connecting yourself in some way with these sorts of activities. Perhaps you want to find information out about someone which you know you should not have or which you do not have the right to know. If you dream that a ferret crosses your path or comes into your house, this is an indication that someone who is in your confidence is not trustworthy. Be cautious, because your reputation or the reputation of someone close to you may be at stake.

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  1. last night i had a dream that me and many friends and family took a trip to this giant mansion. It was dark out and many people started going to bed. In this particuler part of the house there were three rooms attachted. In the first room many children slept in the bed. The next room was empty and the back room was where my grandmother slept. I was stuck sleeping with my younger cousin and we were told to sleep in the second bedroom when we were ready to sleep. My cousin was extremely tired but i wanted to stay up and explore the mansion with a group of friends. I opened the door to the second bedroom to lay my cousin down and a ferret was standing at the edge of my feet. I thought nothing of it and kicked it across the room. I then saw multiple other ferrets and they all came towards me, one biting my foot, digging their teeth into me. iI screamed out in excruciating pain and eventually got it off. I tried to just the door but there was a hole and they started coming though. One after another would bite me and all i could do was scream for help but no one came. It continued on through out the dream. During the events, i was aware they were happening but i could feel the physical pain and blood dripping off of my foot.It was a frightening dream and i couldnt help but try and research why this happened. My first though was that my feet and hands were asleep but this may have not been the case.

  2. Lol I’ve messed up in my dream lol ..,..ok it was at night there was a single lamp post and a horse drawn carrige with a man in a trench coat and top hat driving it and he was just cruising not in a hurry but you can tell he was trying to get out of there and a ferrite was ranover by the curb the ground looked like it had just rained and it was kinda foggy out but the faerrit was in a ball on the ground behind the lamp in the street next to the curb and the other ferrite was either sniffing around ferrite number two or was picking threw it it would lift it’s head like as if it was looking to the sky and it’s nose would wiggle then it would move around the body and continue then I woke up what does this mean

  3. I had a dream that there was a ferret and the like by the crib of the street I guess want to say is like maybe New York or London big buildings and Street lamps but there was a horse-drawn carriage but that was a lie I was either sniffing through the dead ferret that was like balled up look like I’ve been ran over it wasn’t leaving it is either trying to find out what happened to it or something else I don’t know well then after that I woke up I would happen at night feeling like I was there with the light from the lamp

  4. Tracey weekley on

    I dreamed that a rat was in my room but it was a white farett and it was very sweet. But water was everywhere. What could this mean?

  5. I had a dream that i was on a porch with someone i like and out of the pool next to us a green king cobra came out and tried to bite her and i swiped it away with a towel but when i did a white ferret came out of nowhere and started biting the snake but then ran away after looking at me. It didnt kill the snake but u did by stomping on its head till it died. Any explinations?? Or was it just a wierd dream.

  6. Lia Melendez on

    I dreamt that we owned a ferret who started acting hostile. Kept being aggressive and trying to bite. We tried to put it in a cage to take it to the vet..however it escaped and went under this rug…when I went to see where it went it attacked me toward the end of my dream and then I woke up

  7. towards morning I dreamed that I had a ferret and was in a hotel. I don’t remember if anyone was with me. The ferret got loose and was on a shelf behind the hotel reception desk. It was hissing at everyone. I went over and it jumped into my arms. That’s when I woke up. I have just begun a new relationship and am afraid that my dream might have something to do with that. Any ideas?

  8. I own 3 ferrets in real life. When I dream about them I am usually dreaming about things which happened in the past with them (or sometimes the future) I never associate dreaming about ferrets with something bad

  9. I had a dream that I was on a party. A ferret was with me. It was brown grey and had a black nose.
    At the party there were many people that I knew from parties but that weren’t real friends of me. Also my ex-boyfriend was there. I dind’t feel at ease and was very nervous. My ex-boyfriend lost my ferret. I had to find it again. I saw my ferret appearing between the crowd and I had to catch it again.

    Two years ago my ex-boyfriend and I broke up. This was really hard for me.
    And I think I am still processing these feelings.. very interresting

  10. I had a dream that I was in an underground tunnel and a ferret was with me. Not sure why I had a dream about a ferret, it was totally irrelevant to my life but I believe there is some relevance to your interpretation because I am currently engaged in a relationship that hides a lot of secrets for reputation purposes.

  11. I had a dream that my step father had to tell me my ferret had died. I think I was still dreaming but it felt so real, the shock of the news caused me to wake up and I swear I wiped tears off my cheeks, but I must have still been dreaming. In real life is had a ferret that was ill and had to be put down. My step father was living with me at the time and was in happy about finding the vet care for the ferret. To him since he grew up on a farm animals were just live stock and If they were ill they were simply disposed of.

  12. CeeCee Black on

    I had several ferrets as a child, always the grey ones. I’m my dream, my mother gave me two ferrets in a cage, and I ate them both, even though they tasted terrible. I was feeling like I’d vomit, when I spotted an albino ferret on the floor outside my bedroom. He was longer, with a pointed nose. I grabbed him to put him into the cage, and a large dog, belonging to my father in the dream, came to try and eat this ferret. I started screaming, and my father came to retrieve the dog. (In real life, my father is deceased, he’s in pretty much every dream I have) in the dream, my mother was mortified that I ate the ferrets and began to cry. Only then did I question why I had eaten them, and then woke up.

  13. The ferret is creamy white with very bright eyes, it’s body look like a small dog and it was hissed at me in the cage.

    • So did I. I had a pair of ferrets, and I would hold them. They were temperamental. I was trying to train them, but somehow I couldn’t get them to do what I wanted and make them “nice”. The more I would try, the worse they would get. The whole time I knew that if I allowed them to keep acting out, they would be stuck in that behavior and they would never be ‘good’ ferrets. Then one of them became angry and bit me. It wouldn’t let go without me prying it off with my other hand, which was also still holding the other ferret. I kept going, trying to train these animals, but it became worse and worse, and the bites more frequent and harder to pry off. Eventually I put them back in their cage which was on my bed for some reason, and turned around for a minute. When I came back, they had ‘chewed’ through a size of their wire cage and escaped. Near them was my bird cage (which I have in real life) and I panicked because I thought they ate my bird. He was still in there, but ruffled, and looking sick. They destroyed the side of his cage too, but left him alive. Then I woke up. I don’t like this dream.

      • Omg. I had the same dream in nearly every aspect but I only have one ferret to train. The bird cage and all. Cannot believe that it is exact!!!! Is there anything that hasn’t happened in your life lately? Wonder why I have had this same stupid dream. Maybe something on TV you think?

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