Fence Dream Symbol


Fence – A fence is a powerful image of a boundary between you and the other. This can indicate a boundary between you and another person, or the boundary that separates you from the rest of the world. The emotions connected to the fence, and the state of the fence, are indicators of the exact meaning of this symbol. If you dream that the fence is in disrepair, this is an indication that you feel vulnerable and possibly taken advantage of. If the fence is high and strong, this may be a positive indication of your ability to take care of yourself and set boundaries. It may also, however, mean that you push people away and isolate yourself excessively.

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  1. i was dreaming of a climbing on wired fence and on my side my boyfriend was just standing. and on the other side of the fence there are different girls that are chatting about me and my boyfriend. they talking about are private parts. when i climb on the top of the fence the other girl holds my skirt and check on my private part and laugh. what does it mean?

  2. In my dream I was on on side of a fence, the other side was family and other people, the side I was on was trees and such but it was plat land like a farm. The fence kept changing as I walked down it, going to the side of the fence I was on I went between the fence as I tried to get back over I tried to go that was and it didn’t work. I walked down the fence line then came upon my family, I started climbing the fence and it was wooden and looked new. Once I go to the top it was made of different types of wood and that top part of the fence was unsturdy. I wobbled on the fence back and forth trying tod decided with way I’d want to fall, I leaned towards my family more nobody really paid attention, they were there but nobody was really listening. and as I fell I ended up landing on my feet. Everyone just looked at me.

  3. I saw as if I have gone to some foreign country like Pakistan and in the background its being said that I should not go there. then I am trying to enter a big land through guarded gate which I could not. then I saw my self in neighbouring ground with no vegetation and the land is dug at the edge. I looked back and there was a wire fence between the Land I was on and the other part where I wanted to go earlier. The fence is not in very good condition. all of a sudden I saw my self at the other side of the ground and wanting to cross the fence which has some gaps but not big enough to let me in. then I saw and imagined that I tried climbing the fence and I got an electric shock and I got stick to the fence due to shock. then I saw my ex Boyfriend standing otherside of the fence and seeing a folder like photo case in which 2 photos were placed and two spaces were empty. the fellow was shiftin space of one photo from one case to other and saying that he lives only with his mom and aunt. and some times come there to spend 3-4 hours there.

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