Fax Machine Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fax Machine Dream Symbol – Dreaming about a fax machine, or any other form of communication is a reflection of the emotions you are having about communicating with someone. Dreaming about a fax machine symbolizes a certain level of frustration with your current communication. Fax machines are notorious for sending imperfect images of documents.

You may feel that the message that is being communicated between you and someone else is not quite making it, or is becoming just slightly scrambled in transit. If you are sending the fax, then you are probably feeling frustrated that the other person keeps missing your point. If you are receiving the fax, then this is a signal that what you think you understand is not quite what the other person is trying to communicate.

When you dream of a fax machine it can symbolize how you feel about the way you communicate with someone. This can be a sign there is some miscommunication, which is frustrating the situation. Maybe the form of communication is causing misunderstandings. Or, the other person is just not getting the point. This can warn you may not understand the other person’s point of view.

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  1. Leo aka LKKB on

    For me the fax machine is a positive sign. I am getting the real thing, an exact copy. You see my fax machine works and i use good quality fax paper.

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