Faucet Dream Symbol


Faucet – Water is a symbol of purification, new beginnings, health and cleanliness. If you dream that you are having problems with a water faucet, then, this indicates that you have a blockage that is not allowing you to clear out negative emotions or energies. On the other hand, if you dream that you are not able to turn a water faucet off, this is an indication that someone or something is sapping your energy, which you wish to be able to conserve. It may be necessary to take some time to nurture yourself and rebuild your resources.

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  1. I dreamed that every room in a house I was in had faucets in the walls an I saw a guy I was talking to in one room an when I went to the next room I was on the bed with my ex an the faucet was right over our bed like a head board an the water was coming out an wouldn’t stop pouring on him

    • I had a similar dream. I was in a house talking to some people, they left and then I went to a room where my ex was. I left that room and went to another room where there was a broken faucet with water rushing out. I couldn’t turn it off.

  2. I had a dream that I was dreaming ( yes dream of a dream) in the first dream I couldn’t turn a hose faucet off. When I woke in the second dream I realized it was a dream but when I woke from all of it I thought it was strange.
    Then the next night I dreamt I was telling someone about the previous night double dream sequence, in the dream I knew the person but when I woke I didn’t actually know who it was.

  3. I keep havin dreams about dead people…water….hell….amongst other things….its horibble i cant sleep and sometimes the dreams come true. Its really hard for me to sleep. Does anyone know what i can do. Thanks.

  4. In every dream that ive had for about the past 2 weeks, they are all different, but in every dream i am forced to use a faucet. And at first I turn on the water fine, then I notice small black beads assorted on my hand, so I try to turn on the water again and all that comes out is blood and smooth pebbles, and recently we have started to kill mother black widow spiders after

    Idk what this means

  5. I dreamt that I filled up a cup of water from the faucet, but I noticed it had something in it, so I poured it out, and a blackish-purple mushroom with seaweed was in the sink, with more seaweed dripping from the faucet. The fungus touched my hand and my skin began to discolor- the color of a bruise- my hand started to cramp and tighten as it became paralyzed. I went outisde, panicking, to ask my grandmother (a nurse) for advice and she said that it could be two options (she gave some Latin names of plants that I couldn’t make out) and said that I was going to be paralyzed. My whole family was there, but no one cared, no one tried to help me. I woke up sobbing. What does all this mean?

  6. Nannette Habana on

    Hi I dream of the absence of water in the faucet…what is the meaning of this…thank you for your reply

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