Father (Dad) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Father (Dad) Dream Symbol – A father represents someone with authority and someone who can be trusted. If you dream of a father it can symbolize authority and protection from the people around you. The dream may be suggested that you need to become more reliant on your own ability to succeed.

When you dream about your own father it is important to analyze the relationship that you have with him. Do you have a positive relationship and respect your father as an authority that can be trusted, or does your dad represent someone who failed to live up to your expectations of what a father should be?

father dreamsPeople who ‘daddy issues’ may be trying to process those negative feelings in order to clear their subconscious mind of past hurt and pain. Your dream may be telling you that you need to forgive your father for things he has done against you and move on with your life.

Conversely, someone who has a positive relationship with their father will have a different interpretation of this dream.

A true dad is someone who is able to guide and shield us from the dangers of the world and be willing to sacrifice his own needs and desires for those of his family. Selflessness and strength are two attributes that are associated with a father figure.

If you dream that your father has died in the dream, it may be warning you about someone that may go wrong (not related to your dad).

To see your father restricted or locked up may indicate that you don’t have authority over the people around you. You may be feeling restricted and feel limited to your interactions with your loved ones.

If you dream that your father has an affair with your mother it may indicate a separation that you feel towards your dad. These may be a disconnection between you and your father that needs to be mended. Alternatively, you may be sensing issues within your family that you have not noticed on the surface.

Questions to Ask

  • Who does your father represent in your dream? Is it an aspect of yourself or is it your real-life father?
  • Do you have issues with your father that have yet to be resolved?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. Jaem emieren Magbanua on

    Before my father die he ask me to take care my two little sister and do not neglect . Last night I dream about my father he gave me money and he tell me to gave it to my youngest sister and we walking going somewhere. My dad seems to be saying goodbye and He have a lot of advice and I’m crying asking him why he seems to be saying good bye I don’t know what it mean I hope I will know

    • Aldrin Alim on

      I’m dreaming that my dad violently abuse me he passed away 10 years frm now. I want to understand why it is happening to me? I personally don’t like my father because when he was alive he’s always a violent father for me

  2. I dreamt my deceased father was going to discover where me and my husband and a few others close to me were hiding out (my in-laws house). I knew I wasn’t going to be hurt if he found me but I did not want to be found. At all. So I ditched my husband and others and fled with all my might (but that weird feeling of not being able to run overtook me). I saw a small house where I was able to hide inside by blending in with other people. Then I saw a small door and decided I would go through it as it lead to outside. A blonde woman called me “Cassie” which is not my name—no idea who’s name that is—stopped me to tell me about a little girls who has ran away (me). Apparently in running from my father I had transformed my features so well that no one knew “I was the missing girl. As ?I turned around to go through the door, ?I woke up.

    My real father and I were close except the last 6 years of his life. There were neglect issues and I was trying to work the courage to see him again when he died. I learned of his death a few months after he passed. His roommate didn’t tell me. It was through a friend of a friend.

  3. Tish Drane on

    Hello, so I just got up about 15 mins ago after having this dream. I could not understand it so I searched the internet for some sort of answer, anyways the dream about my actual father. It was a morning like when I uaed to wake up for school sunny day and I did not give him a document he had to sign for school I usually did that when we were not on talking terms. So I walked over to him, he was sitting in his chair the same chair he has his morning coffee in, the aame spot by the dining room window. He signed it big across the bottom right corner of the page. I was walking past a church I think I dont know why. The a lady called to me after that I was at the funeral in white and he was in the coffin. I was crying and I felt so lost and empty. I never want to feel like that again. Anyway someone was taking me away from the funeral once the coffin was going into the ground. Then I woke up in a shock. I sent my dad a message 3mins after I woke up and realized that was not real. It is 4:20 am and don’t know what to do.

  4. This morning I saw really bad dream that me and my father are in market area and leave me there and never returned back I was call him but his number is not exist now I was crying and don’t know way to my home

  5. Good morning from here, I dreamt that I gave my father an egg, and he turn his back at me, he spoke words silently to the egg and threw it away. Pls I love to know the meaning thank you

  6. I just woke up from a bad dream. My dad we’re as talking to me while he was chopping vegetables and he chopped off his whole thumb. I didn’t know what to do and he started falling trying to find something to cover and it and he grabbed this small kitchen towel. Then I
    Asked if I needed to call the emergency and I woke up

    He was being clubsy and careless about the little details.

    Also in the beginning of the dream my mom came to get all of us from my aunt vickeys house because vickey was being a bitch and everyone was in this pink van and I was trying to run to the van befor vickey came out, I saw my brother billy and was so excited to see him because I miss him so much. my cousin Ben was running to his car and told us to hurry and leave. So I jumped in the car and hung on to it while they drove away and vickey almost got in the car.

    And my mom took us far and I asked her where she had been and she didn’t answer me.
    ( my mom ditched us about a year and a half ago me and my 6 siblings, my 23 year old brother billy got custody of them and theN Went to prison- in real life)

    I left while everyone wasn’t looking and went back to Vickeys. Vickey was saying a bunch of horrible things about my siblings And I was trying to brush my teath but every time I spit yellow stuff came out and I was trying to make sure no one saw it. That’s when I walked down stairs and Imy dad was shocked
    To see me and I started tellling Him how my mom davina and Madison were all bitches and that’s when he cut ur thumb

    • I had a dream where my father was the king of wolves (he had a crown on, he wasn’t a furry!) And had 3 arms. The left and right arm and one coming from his stomach.

  7. Vuong Nguyen on

    I couldn’t find what I was looking for and wondering if anyone could help me understand:

    In my dream my dad had a serious addiction to arcade games. He would ignore his responsibilities such as working and looking after the family – not to mention his own wellbeing. He used to be round and big, but in my dream he looked a little thin and weak. I felt anxious and responsible so I asked him to take a break and that I will return with food soon because he was hungry. My dream starts off with me searching for my dad at the arcade because my mum who was sitting outside the place had told me so. I met up with my dad to check up on him. Since he was hungry, I went to go find food. However, in my dream it was oddly difficult to find any food. I looked around, but all the food places were closed or empty. I felt like my dad was going to die from starvation. I didn’t find anything and when I returned, my parents were gone.

    p.s I look up to my dad and depend on him greatly. In reality he is an easy going and hard working man. He is also very loving and spoils me all the time. He works 10 hours everyday and only gets Sundays off. I love him a lot and I don’t want to lose him.

    What could this dream be trying to tell me?

    • It honestly sounds like the arcade represents his work life and how he spends so much time working . The missing food thing could possibly mean he’s starving for more time with you guys, he misses you guys a lot while he’s away. Then disappearing sounds like u fear being alone or not living up to their expectations because you love them so much. I could be wrong but that’s what I got from it…

  8. I dreamt of my dad being surrounded by many many cats that looked like laughing at me and avoiding me to get near him, and he was ok wth that.

  9. I dreamt of my father , he is alone in a shabby restaurant, very simply dressed, he used to be elegant . He was wandering in the restaurant and I joined him, told him what he is doing there and told him we need to go somewhere else. We were not close, however he did his duty as a dad, we had food, clothing and we rarely have dialogue. Before dying he wanted to patch up with his family bec he felt having not been attentive to his family, Thank you for your attention

  10. my dream today was about my family is going to jail. At first, In the morning we’re going to travel somewhere but my sight can see someone’s duplicate person or doppelganger. I tried to talk to them who are they but they’re blaming because they see their own faces. My family was on the car and they’re waiting me to come in. They’re chasing the someone’s doppelganger until we getting hit on the wall. Doppelganger want to arrest my family and going to JAIL.

    UNTIL NOW I was so being crying and mad, don’t know if it has a meaning of my dream

  11. I had a dream my dad hit my my mom and she was telling everyone we saw about it (in real life she is very chatty) and I was embarrassed and told her to stop. I also felt like I had to go home to protect her. In real life my dad has never abused her. I think it symbolizes something else. Can you help?

  12. I saw a dream, that my mother and father were fighting, my mom said you know what? Ur dad is a cheater, i started shouting at him, and then i started crying and i woke up with tears

  13. I had a dream I was at a street light and turned and saw a man I dated father. He told me he bought a new house down the road and his son was there taking a nap (we loved naps) told me to go there. And then I woke up. I have never met his father – only seen pictures. What does this mean?
    We are no longer speaking by the way.

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