Father (Dad) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Father (Dad) Dream Symbol – A father represents someone with authority and someone who can be trusted. If you dream of a father it can symbolize authority and protection from the people around you. The dream may be suggested that you need to become more reliant on your own ability to succeed.

When you dream about your own father it is important to analyze the relationship that you have with him. Do you have a positive relationship and respect your father as an authority that can be trusted, or does your dad represent someone who failed to live up to your expectations of what a father should be.

father dreamsPeople who ‘daddy issues’ may be trying to process those negative feelings in order to clear their subconscious mind of past hurt and pain. Your dream may be telling you that you need to forgive your father for things he has done against you and move on with your life.

Conversely, someone who has a positive relationship with their father will have a different interpretation to this dream.

A true dad is someone who is able to guide and shield us from the dangers of the world, and be willing to sacrifice his own needs and desires for those of his family. Selflessness and strength are two attributes that are associated with a father figure.

If you dream that your father has died in the dream, it may be warning you about someone that may go wrong (not related to your dad).

To see your father restricted or locked up may indicate that you don’t have an authority over the people around you. You may be feeling restricted and feel limited with your interactions with your loved ones.

If you dream that your father has an affair on your mother it may indicate a separation that you feel towards your dad. These may be disconnection between you and your father that needs to be mended. Alternatively, you may be sensing issues within your family that you have not noticed on the surface.

Questions to Ask

  • Who does your father represent in your dream? Is it an aspect of yourself or is it your real life father?
  • Do you have an issues with your father that have yet to be resolved?

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  1. Unknownname on

    So I’m confused…basically, for the 13 years I’ve been alive my dad has never been there for reasons I won’t say, but I have messaged him 2 months or 3 months ago and no response, but for no reason I just woke up from it but I had a dream that my dad replied to it and he came into my life and my half sister came along with him and it felt so real, then I got depressed and stuff when I woke up..

  2. I had a dream that my dad and I were standing outside and he looks at me from Across the way and says look there is a copperhead chasing the dog the I have looked down and there was quite a few copperheads at my feet and as I’m moving one tried to bite me then I woke up tell me wat this means please

  3. I had a dream that my father showed up at my school (I’m almost a college graduate) told me he was cheating on my step mother and had been for the past 12 years and it was with a man…..

  4. A year and a half ago I lost my best friend, my Dad to cancer. We were both close, had a smiliar creative flair and want to help heal the world in small ways by small genuine actions. Anyhow he was an artist, it particular a greenstone carver and in my eyes a healer, I watched him my whole life and about 8 months ago I began to carve too along with teach in the creative field and follow my heart and expression. Have rapidly found this deep passion for carving too with such deep energy and meaning within the patterns and symbolism and spent hours apon hours sorting his precious stones and off cuts as it was something he always wanted but never got the chance to do. Long story is the last week maybe even 2 I have dreamt of greenstone and Dad in my dreams, I can even wake up go back to bed and fall back within the same dreams. They are all positive and know it feels safe and secure and certainly have positive lessons within with only telepathy and working the stone. just wondering what your interpretation may be?
    Many thanks and kind wishes,

  5. I dreamt seeing my dad and grandmother that passed 4 years ago. I stood in front of him crying asking him for forgiveness for what I have done. He got angry and he didn’t forgive me. He turned to me and said I have no idea what he went through. While my grandmother sat on the bed and on a chair (there was two of her in the dream)

  6. I dreamed about my boyfriend’s deceased father telling me that me and my boyfriend was related. What does this mean?


  7. in my dream, i was travelling to a far city by bus. Then in the mid way, when the bus stopped for us; the travellers to get refreshed, i met my dad wearing tartared clothes. The irony is that in his state, he reached into his pocket and gave me 150 kenyan shillings. Please help me interpret the dream.

    • Might mean something new is starting in your life.. May be job, school, relationship you making a shift to a different location but then remember what your father sacrificed to get you there. When you succeed remember to appreciate your Dad.

  8. Today I dreamed that another man told me he was my real father and not my father that I have right now. My dad was there while tbis man tried telling me he was my “real father”

  9. chinmayee Das on

    Yes I saw a dream today about my dad cheating on my mom and coincidentally today is their anniversary. I feel broken at heart and yes I have issues with him.

  10. Can someone please explain this to me. For years all I ever dream about is a dad in every dream he’s a different person and its a different place. I kinda have a good relationship with my dad he works all week so he’s gone. But that’s never been a problem. But for years all I ever dream about is having a different dad. I really don’t know what this means. Can someone please explain it to me.

    • Hey Rebecca, first of all take a chill pill. As u told that ur father is at job the whole week, so it is obvious to have such. Either ur brain is just messed up of losing ur father or there’s something really annoying going on there. U really don’t wanna listen it Rebecca.

  11. jbutterfli on

    I dreamt I met a new love that was introduced to me by my father and I like the fact that they were friends and he appreciated and respected my father. But while I was meeting him for my ex-husband was there in the background not talking or saying anything

    • Might mean you will meet some one who appreciates you like your Dad. Though you still have attachments to you ex. Might be spiritually emotionally so try and take some time off pray and break your ties with your ex. So that when the one who appreciates you comes.. Nothing of your past or ex relationship will affect your new relationship.

  12. I had a dream in which my father and i discuss about our family issues and i disagree with him and i left the place and by the time i got the supporting point and came back to discuss with my father by that time i realize that my father is expired. This is the dream repeatedly comes to me. What is it? In my childhood i spent most of my life in residential schools and i have issues with my father.

  13. My sister had a dream of my deceased father of 2 1/2 years. They were sitting together at a picnic table across from each other. My father had cards in his had but she couldn’t tell what type of cards they were. He then took my sister to a field and told her “they were coming for her”. And then he mentioned the name of my sister’s childhood friend Karen. He said “Karen will help you”. My sister has not seen Karen for many years. She then looked out across the field and saw several black winged creatures flying towards her. The creatures faces were distorted and she could not make out what they looked like. My father was gone by then and she was so scared she woke up. Please help interpret this dream. A very strange coincidence is the day she told me about her dream, I was out shopping and ran into Karens mom. I too have not seen her in many many years.

  14. Last night I had a dream that my step father (but he has been the only dad ive known my whole entire life since I was 1 years old, so basically hes my dad just not biological) came down to visit but he was acting really weird. He said “Can’t give you a bath but heres the sink.” i was like what? No thanks and ran to the other bathroom in my house. When I went into the other bathroom I called my mom and immediately she said “Is everything okay? Your brother said he was acting weird.” My mom use to work 3rd shift so she wasnt home. I thought I locked the door to the bathroom but oddly is cracked open and he was peaking through it. I slammed it back and he busted it open.. After that he grabbed my wrist and had this hazy drunk look on his face and I dropped my phone. I started crying and screaming to my mom hoping she could hear me “MOM PLEASE! CALL 911! HELP PLEASE!” He was hiding his other hand .. And when he pulled it out it was a spray bottle like.. Of some weird mist and he started spraying me with it. Then I woke up.
    I’m extremely confused and idk what this could mean.. Keep in mind my father has never abused me in any type of way. He had anger issues and would drink but her never took it out on me or my brother. We had a good relationship for awhile until my mom and him broke up. Now we only see him on the holidays.

  15. Last night I dream about my father, he’s trying to tell something to me but he can’t say it because he is afraid, I saw he is crying and he’s talking to someone else, I heard “we have to tell them the truth”, I don’t know who are they talking about. I am really confused.

  16. My father has been dead 12 years but frequently comes into my dreams where he’s still the controlling abusive hateful tyrant that he always was. He was so disgusted I was born female he never even named me. He abused and harmed and terrirized me, beating me and smashing me in the head and humiliating me all my life. His obsession with wealrhy people left a sociopathic theif of a sister in charge who stole over a half million inheritance from me. I despised him, glad he is dead, and just want him to go away!

  17. April Bennet on

    I hate my dad, I dont see him anymore but last night I had a dream that he was cheating on his wife……..with me!!! We were boyfriend and girlfriend! I can’t find anything about what that could mean, can anybody help please??? Thank you very much in advance!

  18. Hi i had a dream of my dad . I hate my dad so much because he is selfish . I don’t even talk to him. But now this dream I had is very strange. I was with my husband grocery shopping when I see my dad comes in the same store. He was on the phone when I saw him i immediately looked the other way. I know he saw me but he also just passed me. The next thing we are at my in laws house and he was there. He still never said a word and he just left.

  19. Kirnu murtem on

    My has expired 11 years ago. When he died I was only 10 years old. In my dream, dad entered in my room and guess what…? He didn’t notice me that I m his child but I told him, he was very happy. Now I am 21 years old. I kept up crying like a baby by seeing my dad alive, it was like real. I am also happy to meet him but also sad to lose him in my entire life… Didn’t feel the love of a real father. My mom married my dads younger brother, he is also a very good person but he can’t game the place of my father.

  20. In life my dad and I have a great relationship and my dad is straight and happily married. I’m my dream my dad tells me he has been dating a man who’s coming to pick him up. I see a text pop up on my dad’s phone from this man saying “daddy’s here for you” and I feel disgusted. BTW, I am a lesbian in my waking life.

  21. Adebayo Adeyanju on

    I dreamt that I warned my dad in the presence of two seated women to allow me do what I want to do in life. I do not have a good relationship with my dad because of priciples and not because I hate him for what he did. Please could you ex[plain this dream. Thanks

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