Fat Dream Symbol


Fat – Dreaming about fat may be an indication of a low self-image or body weight issues. This is especially likely if you live in a culture that values underweight body types as a standard of beauty. On the other hand, fat can also represent health and wealth. It has often represented this in history. The interpretation of a dream about fat depends largely on your culture and their interpretation of fat. In general, fat people in your dreams represent ill health and possibly self-indulgence, while fat and sleek animals represent good health and luxury.

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  1. My dream was that was I in my usual classroom for school. The only faces that we’re distinct were the faces of the boys that are usually in my classes. So I move on with the lesson and then I hear one of the boys say, “Do you see her over there? She’s really fat, no one would want to date her” They has all started laughing. I remember leaving the classroom and crying. And then I woke up crying.

  2. My dream is of seeing a big huge fat man-a recurring theme lately..a big huge fat police sergeant..a big huge fat Chinaman … a big huge fat boss, etc; mostly I just see them (a single big huge fat man) appear briefly in the dream and I notice how big and huge that man .. except for last night’s dream : I was speaking with him and debating his ability to beat me/to win..I had accepted his challenge (of some sort) ..”what-95..105? .. I can do better than that”. I am very confident within my dream and quietly surprised that he actually seems to believe he can out-do me-in .. in waking life I am fighting to survive my (socialised) sociopathic ex-husband who left 4 years ago for another woman he’s now married to but he refuses to sign any legal papers allowing distribution of the funds as awarded in court orders, ignoring all court orders (whilst I have complied completely), ignoring solicitors/evidence documents whilst all the while claiming he is desperate for money and blaming me for all delays … in waking life, I am neither fat nor overweight/have never had a problem with my weight. Any ideas why a big huge fat man keeps making an appearance in my dreams? Thanks

  3. I dreamed that I was invited by a kindly female voice on the phone to visit a garden. She told me that I was welcome to bring my dogs and I have 5 dogs, so I was overjoyed. I arrived at the garden and am invited in with my 5 dogs yelping and barking with delight. “Leave them,” she says, ” they can do nothing wrong here.” The garden is breathtakingly beautiful and I am invited to sit on a bench overlooking the spectacular garden. We sit for a long while chatting and watching my dogs crisscross the manicured lawn. There is also another bench to the one side of the garden and I watch as my dogs head towards it. Up front runs my giant Great Dane, nose to the ground as though he has picked up a trail of scent. Behind him my smaller dogs follow. I watch as my Great Dane bends in underneath the bench. “What are they doing?” I ask. Suddenly a bellowing male voice behind me says, “Catching rats. Leave them!” I watch with interest and suddenly my Great Dane stands up from under the bench and in his mouth is a long, pointed grey thing. He starts making his way towards me and I say, “What is that?” the bellowing voice behind me says, “A rat’s tail!” As my Great Dane reaches me, he bows low as though he is going to lay the gift of the rat’s tail on my leg but as he bends forward, the end of the tail (the part that was attached to the rat) opens and a thick white liquid gushes out onto my lap and down my legs. My female host is sitting with a huge contented smile as I say, “What is that?!” And the bellowing voice behind me says, “It’s fat!”

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