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Famous People Dream Symbols – When famous people visit your dreams it can be about the people in your life and your lifestyle. It could mean you have doubts in your abilities to achieve success in your chosen passion. It is also about recognizing what is best for your life as a whole. It may be that while you dream of fame and fortune, you may have to consider what is best for the others in your life.

famous-people-dreamsIt can be, that when you dream of famous people it is a projection or longing of who you wish to be. You may want to be more outgoing when in reality you are shy and retiring. A famous person in a woman’s dream is a sign you wish for someone to rescue from the everyday drudgery you see your life has become. A man dreaming of a female star is more likely to represent the type of woman you desire to have in your life.

Dreaming of using your fame to help others is a positive sign that you will be rewarded with continual abundance throughout your life. When you dream that someone you know becomes famous it is a sign you are jealous. Do you fear losing them as a friend? It may be time to put more time into the relationship with your friend.

Being Famous

Dreaming that you are a celebrity is a sign you long to be better than everyone else. This may not be a healthy desire if it the only thing that you desire. When your passion is to be someone or something else, this is not healthy. Doing better than others is not something you plan. You can try your best, so you have to be happy with that no matter the outcome. If you are not, then you have a serious problem.

Becoming famous in your dream signifies that you are confident in your abilities and skills. Just be careful of not being overconfident. This can lead to arrogance. Avoid bragging as it can make others feel inadequate.

If you become famous for a particular reason, this is a sign you are not putting in the hard work required to achieve success in your real life. This may be laziness. You may think you only need to do the minimum to succeed. Do you put in 100 percent effort to achieve success? This dream is a reminder you need to work long and hard to achieve the recognition you want. If you are not careful, you may have trouble achieving success.

Meeting a Famous Person

Dreaming of meeting a famous person can mean you are jealous of someone. They may make you feel inadequate as someone always appears to do better than you. Or, others may appear to be better than you. Why does this matter if you strive to do your best? This can be a reminder that you cannot always be the best no matter what you do. Others are striving to do their best too. Sometimes you need to accept that others are better than you in some ways, on some days. Just as you deserve recognition, so do they. You are not the only person in the world trying to succeed.

When you dream of meeting a celebrity but it turns out to be a friend or an acquaintance, you may envy the attention this person currently receives. You may have issues or problems with the person in your dream. These may even be subconscious. It is time to sort these out.

Sex with Famous People

Dreaming of romantic or sexual involvement with famous people can indicate you may have a fear of intimacy. This can indicate an imbalance between you and those you care for. If you care more for your partner or friends than they do for you, then there is something wrong. Maybe this is the end to the relationship. For you may be more invested than they are in your relationship. You may need to talk about this with them to make an effort to rebalance the relationship between you.

The Fame Game

Dreaming of fame means that you need to accept yourself for who you are. You have the ability to act with integrity in all situations in your life. But, sometimes you doubt yourself. It is a reminder to recognize your own potential to help you succeed.

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    I talk alot about her books to people I know – whether or not they’re interested.

    I absolutely love reading, it’s like therapy

  2. I dreamed I was walking home, struggling just a little bit, with the buggy and the dog when a very tall kind man bent down and helped me with the lead ~ it was Long John Baldry, in the dream I recognised him, thanked him and he walked part way home with me, then I woke up.
    Not sure he really counts as properly famous any more but in my dream he was.

  3. I dreamed I met wwe wrestler Roddy piper. However he died awhile back. In my dream he asked my name we became friends then slowly he started showing signs of his cancer illness that he died from. I then woke up.

  4. I dreamt that I was hanging out with someone who happened to know the Migos and Asap Rocky and Quavo from the Migos was interested in me. Then the scenario switches to Quavo in school and him and I dating. And he would pick me up after school everyday and we would go for little joy rides. He always helped me take care of my family and then I woke up.

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