Family Dream Symbol


Family – This dream symbol is quite complicated, and depends largely on your own relationship with your family. The people in your family often represent themselves, though they can also represent your own internal voice, especially if they are telling you critical things about yourself. If you dream of being part of a family that is not your own, or you dream of being in a family of faceless people, it indicates a deep desire to be accepted unconditionally, and a feeling that you are not loved right now. The archetypal symbol of the family represents unconditional love and acceptance, and the freedom to be who you really are.

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  1. I’ve had 2 dreams of both my mother and brother who have passed away but none of my father who has also passed away except for an incident where i was in a deep sleep but woke up to my father whispering my name in my ear and it woke me up. Both my mother and brother are telling me something and all i get is lips moving but no sound and the feeling of trying to go or get away from something bad in my dreams and the feeling of disapointment. Why?

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